The walleye fishing is about to get going.  We welcome all ages and experience levels as our charters are 100% kid-friendly.

It is our priority to provide a fun, safe and most importantly educational experience for our junior anglers.  Let's get them off video games and enjoying the outdoors on the lake!

The lake is not only great fishing but the sights of wildlife including birds and the local boat are something to gawk at daily. Just check this one heading out.

And I meanth it when I said all ages.  Our friend here got his limit like a pro!

Get on the calendar today, I look forward to creating memories with you.

TIght Lines,

Captain Eric

Fish Species: Walleye
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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About The Author: Captain Eric Dubrowski

Company: Gills For Thrills

Area Reporting: Lake Erie

Bio: My passion for fishing and the outdoors started at a young age, but once I moved to Erie to attend Gannon University during the mid-1990s, my passion grew greater still. Once you fish the Great Lakes, no other freshwater lakes can compare. Over the past twenty-plus years, if it swims, I’ve caught it. I continue to study the habits and patterns of my favorite species thanks to my meticulous nature and untamed curiosity. I continue to combine research will good old fashioned, “gut instincts” to introduce my clients to some of the most sought freshwater gamefish in the world. I continue to be fascinated by the beauty and complexity of the fishing habitats in close proximity to us here in Lake Erie.

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