Fishing Reports by Captain Greg Hood

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Company: Tarpoons

Area Reporting: Ft. Myers

Bio: Charter Fishing Guide Tarpon Fishing, Back bay, Flats Fishing. Snook, Redfish, and Seatrout. Full Time.

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Sanibel Island Fishing (2/14/2012)
[Sanibel,FL] Sanibel Island fishing report with
Sanibel Island Fishing (1/29/2012)
[Sanibel,FL] Fishing Report for Sanibel Island
Sanibel Island Fishing Charters (1/27/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] Sanibel Island weather is great! Lets go fishing!
Sanibel Island Fishing (1/19/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] Sanibel Island fishing is better now after our coldest weather in years.
Captiva Fishing Report For Sheephead and Trout (1/10/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] Sanibel and Captiva fishing is still good for a number of species.
Sanibel Island Fishing For Spotted Seatrout (1/01/2010)
[Sanibel,FL] Sanibel,and Captiva Island fishing has cold weather in the forecast.
Sanibel Island Charter Fishing (12/21/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Pompano are great way to have some fun, and great for dinner too!! Cold water can bring in some great fishing!
Sanibel Island Fishing (12/11/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Cold Fronts, Fog, and Wind make fishing a nice change from the heat.
Sanibel Island Fishing (12/03/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Fishing the cold fronts around Sanibel Island. Time to break out those artificials.
Sanibel Fishing (11/19/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Perfect weather for fishing around Sanibel Island
Sanibel Fishing (10/27/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] As the cold fronts move in, the fishing and weather conditions improve. Great fishing this time of year. It's time to book that Thanksgiving fishing trip!
Sanibel Fishing For Redfish Is Starting With Cooler Water (10/06/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] October redfish action is getting started with cooler water temperatures, and cold fronts on the way!
Sanibel Fishing For Redfish On The Flats (8/17/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Time to pole for redfish on the flats. Fishing close to sandbars will produce nice fish!
Sanibel Fishing (8/01/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Sanibel Fishing with Hot weather makes fishing slow. Get up early to get your bait and beat the storms.
Sanibel Fishing with (7/07/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Sanibel Fishing has been windy with the Bermuda high over the state. Snook fishing is still the best bet!
Sanibel Fishing with (6/14/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Fishing with on the beach! Summer time fishing is here!
Great Tarpon Fishing In Sanibel (5/21/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Sanibel fishing with great Tarpon action! gets the tarpon hooked up.
The Tarpon Have Showed Up In Sandibel Island (5/09/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] The Tarpon have showed up and its about time!
Sanibel Fishing with (4/22/2009)
[Sarasota,FL] Windy Sanibel Fishing makes it hard to Catch the King!
Sanibel Fishing with (4/11/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Sanibel Fishing has been good after this last cold front.The Tarpon will be here soon!
Sanibel Fishing Charters (3/29/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] After the storm this weeks fishing near Sanibel Island looks great!
Sanibel Fishing Charters (3/02/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Sanibel Fishing this week brings in another cold front. March 1st Snook season opened. Long casts will produce big trouts on artificial bait.
Sanibel Fishing Charters (2/18/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Time to book those fishing trips for Spring break! Spring Training for SHARKS!
Big Trout Time (1/31/2009)
[Fort Myers,FL] This is the time of year to go get a big trout. Nice fish that will SLAM a plug!
Sanibel Fishing For Snook and Redfish (1/13/2009)
[Sanibel,FL] Fishing tips for the Sanibel, Ft. Myers area. Great top water action after the last cold front. Nice snook and redfish action.
Ft. Myers Fishing (1/05/2009)
[Fort Myers,FL] Ft.Myers,Sanibel,Fishing Forecast As Cold Fronts appoach here are some tips!
Sanibel Island, Ft. Myers Fishing (12/17/2008)
[Fort Myers,FL] Fishing Sanibel, and Pine Island Sound today, produced great action with Monster Snook, Redfish, and Seatrout.
Sanibe Island, Ft. Myers Fishing (12/06/2008)
[Fort Myers,FL] Fishing Ft. Myers and Sanibel today produced Big Seatrout and Redfish
Ft. Myers Fishing (12/05/2008)
[Fort Myers,FL] Inshore and Nearshore Grouper. Cold fronts have keeper fish moving in.