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Tarpon fishing around Sanibel the month of May is great!

Every year I have a trip where clients come for the first time and have the time of their lives.

This year they are Scott and Sally Lundgren and their friend Tim Bradley from PA.

They stayed at the Tarpon Lodge and fished with me 2 days.

I picked them up at 6:45 am both days after getting bait in the dark.

We drifted some white bait watching POONS roll all around with no hook ups and I decided that we should anchor on a flat near a ledge and pot holes where I normally see POONS roll.

We weren't there very long before Scott jumped one. Always remember this one thing when Tarpon fishing, hand it the rod and don't pull back!

Just let the fish run and jump. So on to fish # 2. After that lesson Tim got hooked up and then it's Tarpon chaos! The fish this week have been big green monsters coming off the beach.

This second fish started peeling drag and I knew were going to be spooled if I didn't grab the anchor and turn the key to chase it down.

I'm barking orders like a drill sargent, reel in the lines!, get the anchor!, how much line is left on the spool?! tighten that drag!, sit down!, get some line back!, bow to it when it jumps!.

This is TARPON CHAOS, baby!!

After a 37 minute battle we finally get the 150 lb'r to the boat for pictures.

Tim is now singing a country song that he went 37 mins on a Tarpon named POONMANCHOO!! I taught him the words.

We anchor up again and after a little bit Sally watches a big rod go down that has a catfish tail soaking in the bottom of a trench.

Whoom! Out comes this beast of a POON who shakes her head and spit's the bait. I've seen a lot of Tarpon and this fish was over 200 lbs.

The middle of the day comes and with it, yet another big Tarpon!

This giant takes off and we are in Tarpon chaos again and everyone knows the drill. This fish is strong and jumps and runs for an hour, then the handle on the rod breaks and Scott looks at me and says, " Now What? ".

I had another reel on board just like it so Tim and I went to work on getting the broken one off and replacing it with another. Meanwhile the giant is running away with the line and a storm is coming right at us. We get the handle replaced and now we have to deal with a bad storm and the wind is blowing, things are looking ugly, but the fish is almost whipped so we stick it out, boat the beast get the photos and run in the rain to Cabbage Key for safety, WOW!!

Day 2

Same program as Day 1 only Sally got a little to much sun so she slept in at the Tarpon Lodge.

Scott and Tim are ready for Tarpon chaos and so am I. We anchor up to drift some white baits and soak another catfish tail. We didn't have to wait, the 5th fish eats a white bait and we're off to the races. Tim puts the heat on the fish and we boat a 125 lb'r in 25 mins.

The 6th fish comes the same way only its Scott's turn. He boats another 150 lb'r in 40 mins.

The 7th fish picks up a catfish tail. She is a BIG GIRL!! Tim's got the rod and the fish starts heading for the Gulf of Mexico! She jumped and ran us around for 1 hour and 30 mins. The pictures are awesome. We boat this fish and lay anchor 1 more time.

The day is hot and were talking about the 2 days going 5 for 7 with the POONS. It's all near the end when Scott's rod goes off again!

#8 - Another Tarpon.

This fish is about 100 lbs. We boat it and get the photos and decide to head in before the rain to the Tarpon Lodge.

I enjoy watching others experience these beautiful silver kings.

We now call this group of Tarpon fishing anglers the Dream Team!

6 for 8 Tarpon fishing is a great time!

Enjoy the Pictures

See ya on the water.

Captain Greg Hood

239 822 5698

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