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Company: Fish Monger Charters

Area Reporting: central jersey

Bio: 100 USCG Master Captain Jerry Postorino has been working on some of the best Pt. Pleasant Party and Charter Boats as deckhand and Capt. for the last 15 years. Fishing full time all year round from NJ to DE Capt Jerry had the need to get his own charter boat. Thus The 35' Bertram Fish Monger. Come aboard and enjoy a great day on the water.

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Fish Monger NJ Fluke Fishing Off To a Great Star!!! (6/28/2010)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Sailed our first Few Fluke trips... With some Nice fish coming up... mostly on bucktails in the rough Stuff
Fish Monger Seabass (6/28/2010)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Seabass fishing has been red hot on every trip!!! What a great season!!! we are starting to mix and see more fluke now that are starting to target them
Fish Monger Stripers (5/03/2010)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Well a Lot of god Striper Fishing lately... Crazy Jigging for this time of the year. Ended Blackfishing on a good Note with a Limit of Blackfish some nice codfish and a limit of stripers to boot!!!
Fish Monger Great Striper Fishing!!! (4/17/2010)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Managed to switch it up target some stripers due to the wind!!! Glad we Did... Awesome fishing!!!
Big Blackfish Starting to chew (4/14/2010)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Seen alot more life our last trip best we seen so far... So Big ones too up to 11lbs...
Flounder Fishing Bite is on!!! (4/08/2010)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Super Flounder Fishing... warm weather really had them biting!!! great day on the water
Fish Monger Blackfish and Cod (4/08/2010)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Fishing starting to pick up a bit more Life every trip... blackfish starting to bite crabs again and been seeing a few cod on every trip
Winter Flounder Report (4/06/2010)
[Barnegat Bay,NJ] Sun, warm temps, some clean water got the flounder to cooperate... Nice Pick of fish today despite the 2 fish limit.
Bottom Fishing Report (4/04/2010)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Was out Thur Fri and Sat Bottomfishing... Pretty slow fishing Blackfish Didnt cooperate yet... water still cold on da Bottom... Only managed a Couple Keeper Blackfish...Couple Ling and a few Keeper Cod...Lots of small cod around on every piece which is nice to see... Coming off the moon, Nice Weather and Warmer Temps should hopefully get the tog chewin
Winter Flounder Report (3/28/2010)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Slow fishing cold water temps but nice too be back on the water... Fishbing so pick back up with a couple warm days.
Fish Monger Spring Update Blackfish Ling and Cod (3/23/2010)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Water Temps are rising and we will be back fishing April 1 2010!!! Looking forward to another great season!!!
Spring Blackfish Ling and Cod (1/20/2010)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Well like a lot of people spring cant come soon enough!!! We are now booking trips for all species for the 2010 season!!!
Blackfish - Limits are Da Rule!!! (12/13/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Well between all the bad weather... when we can get out we have been seeing some nice Blackfish... We have had a 6 man Limit or more on all but 1 trip!!!
Blackfish Limits stripers and Blues!!! (11/25/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Blackfish bite has been picky but have been chewing enough to get a boat limit all trips so far!!! Bass and blues for miles... been puting a bunch in the boat to go along for a mixed bag
Blackfish Stripers Blues (11/22/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Blackfishing has been on the picky side since he storm but we Still Been able trip to get a boat limit every... Great Bass Life everyday some guys been jigging a limit of stripers just in the short time we jigged on our blackfish trips going and coming... Lots Of shorts and Monster blues as well!!!
Fish Monger.... Its Blackfish Time!!! (11/19/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] weather has been tough of late but we were able to make it out on a couple of trips... No mad dog bite but we were able to get a 6 man boat limit boat + on both trips... Water is still dirty from the blow but as it settles down the bite will just get better!!!
Fish Monger Sat and Sun Stripers Bluefish and Blackfish (11/08/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Great weekend with plenty of action... Stripers Blues and Blackfish... fall mixed bag fishing!
Fall Fishing Mixed Bag (10/29/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Weather has been tough to get off the dock lately but when we can sail fishing has been great!!! Nice Mixed bag Fall fishing!!!
Fish Monger Charters Seabass Limit Catches!!! And WEAKFISH!!! (10/02/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Red Hot fishing With both trips this week and anglers taking home limit catches of seabass, along with blackfish porgies blues and WEAKFISH!!
Red Hot Seabass Fishing Sat and Sun Limits!! (9/21/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Fishing has Been Picking Up with Limit catches Our last Two Trips and Around 500 keepers our last 4 trips... There are alot of shorts around so the action has been great! Porgies Blackfish and Triggers have been mixing in with the seabass!
Fish Monger Seabass (9/14/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] The wind has Finally gave! Blow out after blow out nice to be back on the water... Fair pick of tasty bottom creatures!
Fish Monger Fluke Report 8/31 (9/01/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Weather has been tough 2 weekends of storms and now dry ne... but fluke have still been biting good when we can get out!
Fish Monger - Tuna Yellowfin, Bluefin, False Albies and Skip Jack! (8/28/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] What a great trip!!! Inshore tuna and lots of false albies and skip jack... Really beat the guys up on light spinning tackle ... sore arms!!!
Fish Monger Fluke & a Barracuda (8/28/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Fluking has been slow lately thanks to bill but we managed to pick at some nice fish!!! and had a southern visitor!
Fish Monger Fluke Fri Sat and Sun Limits Are Da Rule! (8/16/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Doesnt get Much Better ... Nice weather and Big Fluke... Bucktails and big baits!!! Fish have been biting very well the last 10 days!
Fantastic Fluking Fish Monger Tues 8/11 (8/11/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] By far the best day of the year... Lots of Quality fish to 7lbs and more limit!!!
Great Fluking Continues Using Bucktails (8/09/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Another Good day bouncing 3-6 oz buctails and dragging Big baits In da Rough Stuff... Hope the fishing holds up!
Red Hot Fluking More Limits On the Fish Monger Fri7/8 (8/08/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Red hot Fluking on the rough bottom... Ya may lose a few rigs but you might just have you best day of fluking for the year... Weather has been nice! Hope it Holds Up!
Fluke Limits Using Bucktails On Rough Bottom (8/06/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Some Nice Fish and even some limits of nice fluke... still in the rough bottom and bucktails 4-6oz has been producing best!!!
Fish Monger Mon 8/3 Tues 8/4 Fluke to 10 lbs (8/04/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Some nice size fish in the 4-10lbs class coming up from the rough bottom on bucktails and big baits... Great weather days hope it keeps up!
Fish Monger Sat and Sun Fluke Reports (8/02/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Had two Open Boat Fluke Trips This weekend... Weather was Good sat But got Stormy on Sun.. Some nice size fish when we get decent conditions
Fluke Fishing and Great Weather (7/29/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Headed out to the fluking grounds... Still fish in the rough bottom in order to get some nice keepers... Weather was great
Fish Monger Open Boat Fluke 7/23 (7/24/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Had an Open boat fluke trip... weather started out nice but turned nasty by days end rain and wind... still put together a decent catch despite Conditions
Fish Monger Blues (7/24/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Had our first blue fish trip ... great action on small blues also added some ling and cod and threw back some big winter flounder... weather was great!!!
Fish Monger Weekend Fluking 7/18 -7/19 (7/20/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Decent size fish cont to come up of the rocks n reefs and Rough bottom... Bucktails and Big baits! A few seabass and Ling still around... Great weather!
Fish Monger Seabass & Ling 7/15 (7/15/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Another Great Day To be on the water Good Fishing with Great people... Plenty of action and some nice fish o take home for dinner!
Fish Monger Tues Fluke 7/14 (7/14/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Slow Pick of keeper fluke... wound up with some nice ones in da cooler... Bonus Monkfish 23 lbs
Fish Monger - Fluke 7/9 (7/10/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Tough day on the water... Strong ne wind fast drift and not many bites... Tried our best and managed to troll up a few... Better days coming
Fish Monger Charters - Tues 7/7 Fluking (7/08/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Day started out nice but the weather went down hill... Got real breezy out of the soutn combined with the current shut the bit down after the am... We all did the best we could with condititons
Fish Monger Seabass and Ling Mon 7/6 (7/06/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Had a Last Min Charter with the John Henderson Family... Weather and fishing were both great... Nice seeing the Kids Reeling in big seabass
Fish Monger July 4 Fluke and seabass (7/06/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Great weather but a bit breezy made the drift really fast... But we still managed to bucktail up anice catch!!!
Fish Monger Charters - Fluke Report 7/2 (7/02/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] First fluke trip off the year produced an nice catch with fish up to 7lbs and seabass also bit swelling the tasty catch
Fish Monger Mon Striper Reboud Bass to 46lbs (6/30/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] whata difference a day makes... some nice size fish today including a 46lb monster...More personal best and limits
Fish Monger sun Pm Stripers (6/30/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Slow day bassin today... had it good so many days in a row... didnt bite for what ever reason?
Fish Monger- Shark Report Mako Mania (6/30/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Headed out to fish the big shark tourney with a good crew... Calms seas and lotsa life
Wed 6/24 More Stripers Fish Monger (6/25/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Big Stripers still going strong on the pm bite with fish to 37 lbs... Inhaling live bunker and plugs...
Fish Monger 6/23 Striped Bass To 41 lbs (6/24/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Started out good and ended Up good but i was Dead for while before they started to chew... Nice size fish to 41lbs
Fish Monger - Sat 6/20 Mixed Bag Catch (6/21/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Had The Baltimore Boys Fishing Club Aboard today they didnt let the rain stop them from having a great day or good catch.
Fish Monger Big Stripers Weekly Recap (6/21/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Bunch of good tgrips this week, big stripers inhaling bunker on most afternoon trips...More Limits and personal best this week.
Fish Monger - Seabass and Ling - Good Fishin (6/13/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] What a nice day on the water good fishing with great people... The sun even came out... first time in a while!
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