Fishing Reports by Captain Joe Ezell

About The Author: Captain

Company: Whiskey Bayou Charters

Area Reporting: New Orleans

Bio: I’m Captain Joe Ezell and I own Whiskey Bayou Charters, a fishing charter service based in Delacroix, Louisiana, within 45 minutes of downtown New Orleans. My passion for fishing stems all the way back from my childhood. When taking a trip with Whiskey Bayou Charters, you’ll be aboard a 25’ Majek bay boat that’s equipped with all the necessary safety and navigation gear. You’ll be fishing with tournament quality equipment to ensure that you have a great experience when fishing with Whiskey Bayou Charters. Because I want to devote myself to my clients and make sure everyone has the best experience possible, I will not book any trips that are shorter than a full day. All the gear and bait will be ready prior to your arrival, so all you have to focus on is having a great time fishing the inshore waters in the Delacroix marsh for species such as Redfish and Speckled Trout. A typical trip lasts around 6 to 7 hours or until you’re tired of catching and are ready to head back. In order to be prepared, we suggest you bring weather appropriate clothing and any other personal supplies you’ll need such as sunscreen, rain gear, and snacks " and don’t forget a valid fishing license! Rods, reels, and terminal tackle will be included in the price of the trip. In addition, anything that you catch will be cleaned, filleted, and bagged for you. If it happens to be raining on the day of your trip, I may still be able to fish unless the weather is dangerous, at which point I can reschedule or refund your trip. Louisiana is considered to be the fishing capital of the world because of the variety of fish species and just the sheer number of fish that can be found here. Fishing is my passion here at Whiskey Bayou Charters, and my goal is sharing that passion with our clients by creating an exciting and memorable experience!

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Getting in on the Redfish Bite (12/01/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Went out chasing Redfish again yesterday. Had a lot of fun with the crew and fished a few spots before reaching their limit.
Searching for Delacroix Redfish (11/30/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Just recently went out on the marsh again with another great crew! While our first spot didn't yield great results, we fished several other spots and got some great bites.
Fishing for Reds in the Marsh (11/23/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Just recently helped out another captain with a trip. The family boarded the Majek and while at first, we didn't have much luck, we fished spots until we ran into them again!
Two Days of Catching Redfish in Delacroix (11/17/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Just recently went on a two-day trip catching redfish in Delacroix with Captain Chad Dufrene. It was a huge success and we ended the trip off with some catch and release.
Catching Redfish in the Cold (11/16/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] We just recently went on a two-day fishing trip with a great crew. While we did face some cold weather and rain, we manage to catch their limit and still have a great time!
Two Day Fishing Extravaganza in Delacroix (11/10/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Just went out on a fishing extravaganza! We caught redfish, trout, sheepshead, and black drum. We had so much fun fishing with this fantastic crew!
Catching Redfish in Delacroix (11/02/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Just recently went on a two-day fishing trip helping out Captain Dufrene as the second boat. Olga held us up a little on day one, but day two was all sunshine! Caught some great fish and played a little catch and release.
Redfish in the Marsh (10/26/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Took some repeat customers out on a two-day trip. Since the waters were high, we changed our plans and made our way into the marsh. We had a steady bite and caught some big fish!
Two Day Redfish Adventure (10/19/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Whiskey Bayou Charters just had an exciting two day trip with Tim Richy chasing these Delacroix reds. Even though we dealt with high waters and a storm, we still worked around it and had a great time and some great catches!
Chasing Reds Before the Storm (10/12/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Chased some reds on the Delacroix marsh with a little catch and release. We managed to get some good catches before the winds picked up from the storm to the south.
Two-Day Trip in the Delacroix Marsh (9/22/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Helped out Captain Chad Dufrene of Dufrene's Guide Service with a two-day trip. We bounced around the Delacroix marsh, catching some great fish before the storm rolled in.
Delacroix Redfish Bite (9/15/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Just recently we had a crew out of Texas looking forward to getting out on the water to catch some Redfish. We had a successful run with some big catches.
Catching Redfish in Delacroix (9/07/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Last week we have a great 4-man crew join us from Georgia. We picked up one or two here and there, gathering 20 before heading in with a storm bearing down on us.
Redfish and Trout in the Delacroix Marshes (8/28/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Went out on a two-day fishing trip in the Delacroix marshes and islands targeting Redfish and Trout. Both days were successful, and we had a great time with Captain Christopher Pike and the crew!
Chasing Those Delacroix Reds (8/16/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Helped Captain Casey Brunning of Hurricane Bay Charters with a trip for a crew from Georgia just a few weeks ago. Our first stop produced a Sheepshead and the 8th Flounder of the year with one Redfish. We moved around the marsh hitting several spots but finding nothing stacked.
Redfish Wednesday in Delacroix (8/04/2019)
[Delacroix,LA] Just recently, we had two husband and wife teams joins us in chasing redfish. At first, it was a little slow going, but we ended up catching quite a bit before the storms rolled in and had such a fun time!