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Company: Chase N\' Tails Fishing Charters

Area Reporting: Hernando Beach

Bio: Capt.Josh Fritz is a full time fishing guide in hernando county he targets redfish is favorite snook,trout,tarpon,shallow water grouper,and many other species.

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Hernando Beach Fishing Report (9/30/2012)
[Hernando County,FL] Red fish are all over the place look around rocky/oyster beds, mangrove shore lines, creeks and coves with good water flow and of chores mullet schools are the best indicator for finding red fish.
Red Hot Fishing In Hernando Beach Fl (9/11/2012)
[Hernando County,FL] Fishing is RED HOT with monster schools of huge red fish taking over the back country flats. Locating one of these schools of reds takes a lot of moving around but when you find them its game on.
Hernando Beach Fishing Report (9/04/2012)
[Hernando County,FL] Fishing continues to be very productive in our back country and near shore flats. Red fish are taking over the back country areas, look around the outside points, oyster bars, rocky islands, and mangrove shore lines that are holding mullet schools and lots of bait.
Awesome Red Fish Action (8/27/2012)
[Hernando County,FL] Chase N' Tails Fishing Charters Inshore Fishing Report Inshore in the back country waters the red fish action is very good. We are catching big red fish from 25" to 31"
Red Hot Action In Hernando Beach (8/19/2012)
[Hernando County,FL] Fishing in our local inshore and nearshore flats have been very good, a lot of people think the hotter it gets out side that the fishing is poor but if you know when and where to go the fishing is great.
Hot inshore action and scallop season starts soon (6/22/2012)
[Hernando County,FL] Fishing is great we are getting our limite of trout and red fish on every trip. Soon scallop season starts July 1st to September 10th.
Its on in Hernando Beach (12/03/2011)
[Hernando County,FL] The fishing here along the Nature Coast is great. We have a very good trout bite right now in 1 to 4 feet of water, as a cold front pass by each week look for the trout to move further back into the muddy bays, oyster bars, rocky shore lines, and around springs.
Awesome Fishing In Hernando Fl (11/15/2011)
[Hernando County,FL] Anglers now is the time to get out there and do some fishing. With the cooling of the Gulf waters our inshore and nearshore game fish are hungry and ready to take your offerings.
Hernando Beach Awesome Fishing (10/19/2011)
[Hernando County,FL] Well we just got our first good cold front to pass through Florida today, the wind has pick up to 20-30mph and choppy seas. No worries by Friday it will be flat calm again here in Fl.
Hernando Fishing Report (8/21/2011)
[Hernando County,FL] Well I just got back from vacation in the keys and I went out on a scouting trip today to see what is taking place right now. What I have seen is the red fish are in smaller groups 2 to 6 fish
Chase N' Tails Fishing Charters (2/07/2011)
[Hernando County,FL] Chase N' Tails Fishing Charters - Inshore Report - Trout season is closed this month for the Nature Coast area and will reopen in March. So any trout caught please handle with care wet your hands because trout have a protective slim coating,
RED HOT FISHING (1/18/2011)
[Hernando County,FL] Old man winter is giving use anglers along the Nature Coast some great fishing weather. With highs in the low 70's the inshore fish such as red fish and trout are feeding very well.
Cold cold cold winter came to quick. (12/07/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Cold, Cold, Cold, Old man winter has arrived once again bring down strong north winds and cold day's.
Awesome trout action (10/27/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] The trout bite has been the best action for the past few week's.
Monster school of redfish (9/28/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] For the past 2 weeks I have been Chasing a large school of redfish in my area this school is well over 100 fish.
Great Fishing Going On Right Now (9/08/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] This week has been great the water temp is starting to climb back up from 83 and now is 87.
Hot Redfish Bite (8/18/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Finally we got some good rain fall. The rain has cooled the water off a few degrees.
Summer Time Fishing (8/08/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] This is what we need a lot of rain to cool down the water temperature.
Hot Days Hot Fishing (8/01/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] This summer heat is the worst I have seen in years.
Great fishing and scalloping going on right now. (7/23/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Fishing is steady here on the Nature Coast.
Great fishing and scalloping (7/13/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] I had a charter yesterday my client was Charlie Medrano and his 2 kids from Ft. Lauderdale.
Big Reds & lots of Scallops (7/06/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Finally we get some good rain fall here in Hernando County.
Nature coast scalloping (7/01/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Boy the scallops are thick North of Bayport to Chazz.
Come get some scallops. (6/28/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Redfishing in summer needs to be an early morning or late enening event the summer heat has warmed the shallows to 89 degrees.
Hot Weather Hot Fishing (6/21/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] This weekens was great Saturday and Sunday was for my Dad he wanted to catch some redfish and that we did.
Early start to the 2010 scallop season (6/11/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Gov. Charlie Christ has announced that the 2010 scallop season will start early.
Great Fishing On The Nature Coast (6/10/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] It's almost scallop time here along the Nature Coast.
Big Redfish Bite Right Now (6/05/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Redfish are roaming the outside points, cuts,and oyster bars.
Chase N' Tails Fishing Charters (5/19/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] It's definstely hot out side the water temp is now 82-84 degrees.
Big Tarpon Have Arrived (5/06/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Fishing is great along the Nature Coast redfish, snook, cobia, and now the big bad tarpon have arrived.
Hernando Beach-Chazz- Aripeka (5/01/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Fishing is on FIRE here along the Nature Coast.There are lots of Huge Redfish being caught every day.
[Hernando County,FL] White bait are thick and perfect size 3-5 inches long.
East Winds Are Keeping Water out (4/18/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] The fishing is great but with this strong East wind is keeping the water out for a longer period of time.
Chase N' Tails Fishing Charters (4/07/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] The weather is fantastic now with calm winds and flat seas makes for a great boating day.
Inshore fishing is HOT. (4/04/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Man it is great to have the heat back into the forecast this winter was the most brutal.
Chase N' Tails Fishing Charters (3/25/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Finally Spring has sprung the weather is nice and the inshore fishing is on.
Inshore Fishing Is Steady and Warmer Weather (3/19/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] The inshore action is steady right now with the nice warm weather we have
Spring Weather and The Sun Is Shining - Let's Fish! (3/16/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] It finally feels like Spring the weather is great the sun is shining and the air temperature is in the 70s.
Winter Is Just About Done (3/09/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Well I think Old Man Winter is just about over with.
Chase N' Tails Fishing Charters (2/25/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Well old man winter just will not let up for us anglers.
Inshore Action Is Steady In Aripeka FL (2/19/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] The inshore action has been steady this week
Chase N' Tails Fishing Charters Inshore Report (2/17/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] The inshore fishing has been up and down this winter so far.
Chase N' Tails Fishing Charters (2/09/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Now we are in February we got a few closers here in the Nature Coast.
Chase N' Tails Fishing Charters (1/28/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] With the constant cold fronts and strong winds has made for tough fishing and trying to plan your days can be a challenge.
Fishing For Redfish, Trout, Sheephead Aripeka FL After Cold Blast (1/21/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] With the recent cold blast we got on the nature coast.
Winter time fishing at its best (1/07/2010)
[Hernando County,FL] Boy it's very cold out there on the water the water temp is around 50-60 degrees.
Hernando Beach Weather Has Warmed Up For Now (12/30/2009)
[Hernando County,FL] The weather has warmed up for now until the next cold front comes by.
Chase N' Tails Fishing Charters (12/23/2009)
[Hernando County,FL] Well this cold front we got this week made the inshore a little slow.
Hudson to Bayport Fishing Report (12/14/2009)
[Hernando County,FL] Windy days and negative low tides has made it a little tuff fishing.
Chase N' Tails Fishing Charters (12/03/2009)
[Hernando County,FL] Well the water temp is now in the mid 60s to low 70s but the redfish are still chewing.
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