Fishing Reports by Captain Pete Wenners

About The Author: Captain

Company: Pete's Professional Guide Service

Area Reporting: Table Rock Lake

Bio: Pete is acclaimed as one of Table Rocks top professional bass fisherman, having won and consistently placing in the top 10 at bass fishing tournaments around the country. Let Pete show you how to catch Largemouth, Smallmouth and Kentucky bass on Table Rock Lake. Sharing with you, his tips and tricks for catching bass on a clear, deep water lake. He will teach you about patterning, structure fishing, equipment and tackle selection.

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The Bass Are In Transition To Fall Pattern (10/22/2009)
[Table Rock Lake,MO] Weights have been very low the past few weeks in tournament fishing, this will change when the water temps cool down more.
[Table Rock Lake,MO] The spawn is pretty much finished there are still a few late ones. The bite has been tough as the fish are in post spawn but it is starting to pick up as the fish are starting to feed up and move out to structure.
Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 4-30-2009 (5/01/2009)
[Table Rock Lake,MO] Fish are in all stages of the spawn. Topwater bite is picking up as fish get done spawning and start to feed up on shad on main lake and secondary points.
Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 4-22-2009 (4/22/2009)
[Table Rock Lake,MO] Water warming up and so is the action! The water is rising everyday and is in the bushes and so are the fish
Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 4-9-2009 (4/09/2009)
[Table Rock Lake,MO] It's time to dig out those top water baits such as Zara spooks and Red fins. You won't get many bites this time of the year, but you will get some quality fish on them.
Table Rock Lake, MO Fishing Report 3-24-2009 (3/25/2009)
[Table Rock Lake,MO] Weather still cooler some nights, wanting the temps to increase steadily to produce some excellent fishing opportunities. Fish scattered right now, but moving up
Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 3-9-2009 (3/09/2009)
[Table Rock Lake,MO] Fishing should be heating up at the lake temps rise and fish go into spawning patterns
Table Rock Lake, MO Fishing Report 2-23-2009 (2/23/2009)
[Table Rock Lake,MO] Fishing changing with weather patterns, fish are scattered.
Table Rock Lake 2-11-2009 (2/11/2009)
[Table Rock Lake,MO] Fishing in the winter can produce large bass, few bites but rewarding catches.
Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 1-23-2009 (1/23/2009)
[Table Rock Lake,MO] Fishing here on Table Rock is great in the winter season. We don't have to ice fish!!
Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 1-11-2009 (1/11/2009)
[Table Rock Lake,MO] The most productive bite seems to be deep right now. Stickbaits, crankbaits & jigs are still working shallow.