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Lake Level: 917.01

Weights have been very low the past few weeks in tournament fishing, this will change when the water temps cool down more. Many of the fish are in transition from their summer patterns into fall patterns. Right now fish are scattered from 2' to 50' and changing daily. The most consistent bite has been deep, drop shotting worms and fishing 25' - 35' over submerged timber in 40' - 100', and on long flat gravel points 25' - 35' deep on bottom, and we are also catching them on 5/8 to 3/4 oz. football jigs and Carolina rigs on the gravel points.

We have been successful on main lake and secondary points with 1/2 & 3/4 oz. jigging spoons in white or chrome fished around deep boat docks at least 25' or deeper. Try to fish the shaded sides of the docks. Early in the morning try some top water baits (Spooks, Redfins, etc.) around these same docks.

There have been lots of smallmouths and Kentuckies caught shallow in the morning on gravel main lake points and can be caught on 5/16 & 3/8 jigs or Champers twin tailed grubs and 5"-6" single tailed grubs. Spooks and redfins will also here fished in 5' - 15' I .have found most of them tend to be small fish with an occasional keeper mixed in

River Arms

The lake has rose 2' in the past week over pool. There are many bushes and laydowns underwater. I haven't been catching any fish this shallow and haven't had many reports of fish being in or around this shallow cover, but it is certainly worth checking into. With the water temps getting cooler and lake levels slowly dropping fish may move up into the shallow cover. Try spinnerbaits and buzzbaits early, then flip jigs and tubes around the cover.

Good luck!

Fish Species: bass
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Pete Wenners

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