Fishing Reports by Captain Richard Hajecki

About The Author:

Company: Crazy Yankee Sportfishing

Area Reporting: Lake Ontario, Finger Lakes, Lake Erie, Oneida Lake

Bio: Hey, I'm a 28yr old Captain/Guide that enjoys putting people on fish. I have helped many customers and friends land the biggest fish of thier lives! Let me do the same for you. I have been trolling for Salmon and Trout on Lake Ontario for more than 20 years. I have competed in numerous Bass tournaments and spent countless hours on the water chasing both LM and SM Bass. Check me out and if your interested in a trip give me a shout!

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Brown Trout Fishing Sunday and Monday (4/12/2011)
[Rochester,NY] The Brown Trout fishing is RED HOT right now! Lake Ontario is coming alive for the 2011 season as I type.
Captain Jacks Shootout (7/29/2010)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Another pre-tourney tourney. Sodus is a tough port, but we help our own again!
Oswego Pro Am (7/29/2010)
[Lake Ontario,NY] The 2010 Oswego Pro Am. We usually hold our own on the East end.
Fat Nancy's Shootout (7/29/2010)
[Lake Ontario,NY] A pre-tourney prior to the Oswego Pro Am. We won!
7/24 LSRC (7/24/2010)
[Lake Ontario,NY] We participated in the Little Salmon River Challenge from the port of Oak orchard. We should have taken 5th place but.....
Sodus Pro Am (7/17/2010)
[Lake Ontario,NY] The last Pro am of 2010. Just missed placing in t he money by 3 spots.
Fishing was better than expected! (7/06/2010)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Had a great father and son team on board today. Fishing was better than expected!
Quick second trip 3/27 (3/31/2010)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Well, we had a few hours to get out on this last weekend of March, so we took advantage of it. Fishing was tough, but we did a few to keep busy.
First trip of the year (3/20/2010)
[Lake Ontario,NY] It was nice to finally get out! Weather wasn't bad and the fish were biting!
Last day of the KOTL St. Catherines Scotty event (4/29/2009)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Last day! Need 5 Salmon! We weren't sittin to pretty on Day one, so we needed redemption.
KOTL St. Catherines Scotty (4/29/2009)
[Lake Ontario,NY] First day of the tourney. 5 Salmon per boat. 72 teams.
Practice for the St. Catherines KOTL Tourney (4/29/2009)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Dreamweavers Big fish Friday. Largest Salmon per team.
4/19 Genny River (4/19/2009)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Fishing is good! Get out and wet a line!
4/18 Genny River (4/18/2009)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Fishing is great! Get out and wet a line!
Yankee Report - 3/29 (3/29/2009)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Spring Brown Trout fishing! April can be some of the best! If your interested let us know. Very few dates left in April.
Jax/Yankee 3-22 ON FIRE! (3/29/2009)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Brown Trout trolling on Lake Ontario can be HOT in April. Very few days are left, so if this is something you think might be interesting give us a shout!
Trolling in a Bass Boat 3-15 (3/16/2009)
[Lake Ontario,NY] We got a late start on Sunday due to the 4-12 hour days I put in at work prior to Sunday. I needed a little sleep! We stopped short of Shipbuilders creek and started to cast.
1st Open Water trip of 2009! (3/12/2009)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Mother nature allowed us a window to get out onto the Lake and we took advantage of that. It was a fun first outing for me and a few friends.
Yankee's Fall LOC - First Weekend Report (8/18/2008)
[Lake Ontario,NY] First weekend of the 2008 Fall Lake Ontario Counties Derby. Will run for 2 weeks with many people looking for that 1 fish worth $20,000!
Yankee's Oak Orchard 8/9 Report (8/09/2008)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Anothe great day on the water with some friends! Good fishing and great weather. Many large fish today!
Finally back to the west end! (8/04/2008)
[Lake Ontario,NY] After fishing tourneys on the baron east end of Lake Ontario we made it back to our home waters, which have been chock full of fish.
Another FANTASTIC day on Lake O (7/03/2008)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Fishing the last weekend of the derby had its ups and downs! We managed another fish on the LOC derby scales though.
What a difference a day makes! (7/03/2008)
[Lake Ontario,NY] LOC leader board fish! We put the first place King on the LOC derby leader board. 22.08lbs!
Yankee Trollers West end Pro-Am Expereince (6/10/2008)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Western Lake Ontario Salmon Pro-Am tournaments out of Niagara County and Orleans County. Top teams/Captains on Lake Ontario competing for the lake title.
Shakdown trip 4/12 (4/20/2008)
[Lake Ontario,NY] First trip of the year to make sure everything is running properly for the upcoming season!
Crazy Yankee Sportfishing's 4/20 trip (4/20/2008)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Our second trip of the year to make sure everything was functional after the long winter. Spring Salmon season is right around the corner!
3/15 Brownie Fun (3/18/2008)
[Lake Ontario,NY] First Lake Ontario trip of the year, and it was a success! Brown trout fishing this time of year can be fast and furious with many fish in the 3-5lb range and trophies up to 12-15lbs.
Sandy Creek Brown Trout Fishing (4/04/2007)
[Lake Ontario,NY] Some great Spring time Brown Trout action! Firetiger, black and silver, black and gold seemed to be all we needed. 7-10 FOW doin 2-2.5 SOG. Boated 20 lost 6 or 7. All brownies ranging from 1lb-8lbs.