Oswego Pro Am

2010-07-29 11:40:13
Lake Ontario, New York - Freshwater Fishing Report

Saturday 7/10 (Day 1) - We headed out to our waypoints from Friday, and right away we had a mess in the back of the boat. We got pushed in shallow by another tourney boat, which was my fault. I should have positioned us better while we were waiting for the official start time. We caught our 500 on the bottom and lost our custom Green SmartFish and then we dragged a wire and a rigger on the bottom. As we were letting the otter boats out the tether line got stuck in the tow line and the otter dove under our boat. A few choice words, and some high blood pressure and we got set back up and we were fishing.

Our program for the morning consisted of 3 riggers parked at 80, 100, 120. The two deep riggers had paddles on them and the high rigger in the center was run with spoons cheated. We ran two Deeper Divers set on a 1.5 setting out 275'-350' throughout the day. Lastly, a 10 color, a 500 copper, and a 600 copper. Coppers were towing paddle fly combos, and the 10 color had a spoon run on it. We sat for an hour without a bite, and then all of a sudden we went BANG BANG. We boated to Salmon. One took a Wonderbread SmartFish with an A-TOM-MIK Hammer on the 120 rigger, and the other came on a Green dot Spin Doctor with an A-TOM-MIK B-Fly on the 100 rigger. That would be the end of our Salmon bite.

Later in the morning we would find a few suspended Brown Trout over 170fow down 80'. One took an NK THAT spoon, and the other took a White Green dot SmartFish with an A-TOM-MIK Hammer fly. About 12pm we made the decision to slide into Ford Shoals and see if we could pick up a few Brown Trout. It didn't take long and we had rods poppin'. One Brownie took a Stinger Glow Froggy on the 10 color. Another would take a Purple Frog Fishlander on the 300 copper. We would drop another keeper Brown Trout and toss back a stocker. That was the extent of our day 1 box. Four Brown Trout and two Kings.

Sunday 7/11 (Day 2) - We made the decision as a team to try the King bite for two hours and then go chase the Browns. We began with the same program we had Friday and Saturday morning, and it didn't take long. We would pick away at the fish till about 11am. The bite was pretty nice, and we had action all morning. Mostly a paddle bite for us, but an NK THAT spoon kept us busy with the 17-18" Salmon on our 80' rigger. Our first two bites of the morning were both wires bites, and both on our new prototype Albino Gator Spin Docs. One with an A-TOM-MIK Sweat Pea and the other with an A-TOM-MIK Sea Sick Waddler fly.

At 11am we were sitting on 1 Laker and 9 Kings. Our fish were coming all over our spread. Green paddles had to have chrome on one side and glow on the other with either Green Crinkle A-TOM-MIKs or A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist. Our Mountain Dew E-Chip with an A-TOM-MIK TG went once, our new Albino Gator took two fish with an A-TOM-MIK Sweat Pea fly, and our Green dot Smartfish with an A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist went a few times. All the rods fired today at least once, but no one rod was HOT.

By 1:00pm we would have 9 Kings and 1 Laker in the box with 4 lost fish and 6 throw backs. My brother looks at me and says "can I check that rigger? it looks like its throbbing." I told him no, and kept an eye on the rod. A few minutes later I told him to check that rod, and sure enough there was number 11. A 20" King. At 1:40 we started picking the rest of the lines, and sure enough there was another fish on that NK THAT spoon. As we boated it we said it may go 18", but when the ruler hit the fish it was 1/4 of an inch short.

We ended the day with 4 nice Kings, 1 small Laker, and 6 decent to small Kings. We were pretty excited because we knew some teams were struggling on the Brown Trout bite, and that no teams except for Billy V, Candy, and High Voltage were in the area producing all these Kings. When we hit the scales with our 11 fish we shot right into the top ten and never left it. We finished the tournament in 9th place to end a very exciting and eventful weekend.

Fish Species: Salmon and Trout
Bait Used: A-TOM-MIK and Dreamweaver products
Tackle Used: Daiwa Rods and Reels
Method Used: Trolling
Water Depth: 100-300
Water Temperature: 80
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
Richard Hajecki

About The Author: Captain Richard Hajecki

Company: Crazy Yankee Sportfishing

Area Reporting: Lake Ontario, Finger Lakes, Lake Erie, Oneida Lake

Bio: Hey, I'm a 28yr old Captain/Guide that enjoys putting people on fish. I have helped many customers and friends land the biggest fish of thier lives! Let me do the same for you. I have been trolling for Salmon and Trout on Lake Ontario for more than 20 years. I have competed in numerous Bass tournaments and spent countless hours on the water chasing both LM and SM Bass. Check me out and if your interested in a trip give me a shout!

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