Fishing Reports by Captain Robert McDaniel

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Company: Whipasnapa Charters

Area Reporting: D'Iberville

Bio: Capt. Robert “Earl” McDaniel was born and raised on the beautiful Back Bay Biloxi shores, and has been a licensed fishing charter boat Captain since 2001. “I have enjoyed fishing as well as boating these beautiful Mississippi waters all my life, and I enjoy it as much today as ever. What a great place to be at the ‘crack of dawn’ or anytime for that matter, its just a great place to be, so I like to spend as much time possible even when not fishing, out running crab pots or catching bait. I keep a large variety of bait fish (croaker, pin fish, menhaden etc) on hand for each trip so we always have what the big fish want (specks, cobia, reds, snapper). I have always enjoyed tournament fishing, and have won several snapper, cobia, and king mackerel tournaments. I try to stay prepared for all situations on the water.” The "WhipaSnapa" is a 2009, 29 foot c/c open fishermen “SOW MASTER” with twin 2009 250 Yamaha 4 strokes "SWEET". The boat has all modern conveniences including: private restroom, top notch GPS / fish finder, hard-top/enclosures to get out of the elements, plus the finest fishing tackle and weapons, “rods” on board at all times.. We carry all U.S.C.G. required safety equipment on board for the safest, most enjoyable trip. The WhipaSnapa, being just the right size, allows us to go into shallow back bay waters fairly easily to get to the specks, reds, and flounders, or out to the beautiful Barrier Islands for excellent fishing, camping, photography or just relaxing. Or we can get offshore some 100 miles to chase the big boys like "sow" red snapper, cobia, king mackerel, grouper, tuna, and sharks. One thing I have always enjoyed about a day on the wonderful Gulf of Mexico - you just never know. So come join us for a day on the WhipaSnapa and see for yourself how wonderful it can be!

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Summer to Fall Gulf of Mexico Fishing!!! 8-30-2015 (9/08/2015)
[Biloxi,MS] The Best Biloxi, Mississippi Charter fishing boat Whipasnapa lands another banner fishing
Spring has finally arrived, let's go fishing!!! (3/16/2014)
[Biloxi,MS] Fishing is great come on down and get in the boat
Fishing Red Snapper in October!!!! (8/11/2013)
[Biloxi,MS] That's right! The Whipasnapa Charter boat is awaiting another round of the elusive Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper!!!! An boy that October fishing gets right you know!!!
Cobia Bar Fishing, May's Good (5/21/2013)
[Biloxi,MS] God Bless all affected as lives have been changed forever as mother nature seems to be so violent these days!! As hurricane season fast approaches, we will be keeping our fingers (and everything else) crossed and praying as well.
From inshore to offshore fishing is getting right!!!! (4/03/2013)
[Biloxi,MS] Still able to catch the reds, black drum, and of course the ground mullet and white trout with the fresh dead. Winds are laying, water temps are hitting the mid 60's and high expectations are definitely setting in!!! Cobia's surely within 1 to 2 weeks away for sure. SHOOO I NEED A BEER BREAK!!!!!
Biloxi Bay Fishing heats up!!! (2/17/2013)
[Biloxi,MS] On some the calmer days with some good sunshine we can run out to the surfs of Ship Island an get on some sight casting for the huge black an red drum that lurk out in the shallows.Talk about a Hooot!!!!!
Let's Make 2013 the Fishiest Ever!!!!!! (1/08/2013)
[Biloxi,MS] So tell your friends to tell their friends and ya'll load up, come on down and lets keep the hooks in the water!!!
Nov. and Dec. is still very fishy!! (11/19/2012)
[Biloxi,MS] winter months are still running hot come on down and get you some of this action.
Red Hot Red Snapper action comes to a close!!!!!! (7/23/2012)
[Biloxi,MS] The Bay has really had some very nice trout action 2 @ a time. Still a few nice reds an black drum, big Gafftops, spanish, an lady fish, ground mullet and many more. Fishing is HOT!!
A Red Hot start to the Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Season!! 6-11-2012 (6/11/2012)
[Biloxi,MS] THE WEATHERS BREAKING, GET THE GREASE HOT, WE GONE FISHING!!!! Seee ya in a couple weeks we dont capture all the amazing photos on the trips, but feel free to check'em all out on our gallery are on our facebook page.. but being on the boat gives you the best view.. peace an hair grease!!!
Finally a cobia makes its way to my belly! (4/15/2012)
[Biloxi,MS] Getcha self on down here, load up on the dang ol' WhipaSnapa an let's get it on!!!
It's All about the Reds this week (4/02/2012)
[Biloxi,MS] Getcha self on down here, load up on the ol' WhipaSnapa an let's get it on!!!
A Fishing we have gone!!! (3/19/2012)
[Biloxi,MS] Getcha self on down here, load up on the ol' WhipaSnapa an let's get it on!!!
Sheepshead and Reds make them drags sing!!! (12/05/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] We still gettin'em'on! So moan down an get'em'on with us. shoot throw some out there for that holiday table spread!!
Barrier Island Camping and Fall Cobia Run!!! (10/03/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Anyway folks, the ol' 2011 fish season is wrapping up BUT still some great memories to make. So Moan Down here to South Mississippi jump aboard the ol' WhipaSnapa and make yours!!!
Camping, Fishing, Fall is Great!!! (9/26/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] weather getting cooler but the fishing is heating up!! Moan get on board for some fishing action!
Finally our Bluewater is Bluewater! (9/19/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Fishing is still hot, hot, hot, come on down to the Ms. Gulf Coast and try it out for yourself!!
Fishing for Smorgasbord! (9/12/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] An as temps start to cool, just remember the fishing is just heating up!! Sep, Oct, and Nov. great months to get out there for some great Inshore Action.
Fish don't bite to good at the house. (9/05/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Don't forget the Grouper Season coming up and the return of the fall Cobia run.
Carl Legett Tournament Fishing an more!! (8/08/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Really just nice to go take a boat ride sometimes an soak up a great sunset, the shoreline and coastal views along our Biloxi Ms. Shore..
Pull Up Reel Down!!! Not on Mangroves (7/11/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Island producing sharks, bull red, cobia, specks, spanish etc..It's on !!!
Inshore to Offshore it's all good stuff!!!! (6/21/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Snapper dates getting limited but a few still available for July.
Red Snapper tug of war for keepseas!!! (6/07/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Come on Down to S. Ms. look up the WhipaSnapa and let us share our love for that great Gulf Of Mexico with you... Thanks to all for an amazing week aboard the WhipaSnapa...
Crews not happy releasing them huge SOW Red Snapper!!! (5/23/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Remember June 1- July 19,2011 on the Red Snapper. We waiting on you!!
Inshore; fisherpeeps dominate! Offshore; fish dominated! (5/10/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Moan team, looks like Mother Nature gone cut us a lil slack, so come on get your game face on and lets do the thing.
Large Variety of Fish Pulling dem Strings!! (4/26/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] The winds should start to lay and the good times will definitely continue to roll. God willing!!!
Large Spawning Cobia and New York Campers invade Horn Island...... (4/12/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] But, after a day or two, extreme sun, salty water an miles of sand, the need for a good o'l shower and a hot meal is well in their words priceless.
Extreme Tug of War with Red Snapper, AmberJack, King Mackerel and more. (4/04/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Remember June 1--July 23 is the Red Snapper season.....The WhipaSnapa Awaits, locked an loaded....
Big Sheeps, Big Reds and Huge Reds bring huge smiles ! (3/29/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Several tournaments coming up and if you like catching Sharks, Cobia and Reds this is the way to go. Could win some good money and catch some really good fish.
Sheepshead and slam gorgeous weather!!! (3/21/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Starting to see some mackerel and bluefish chasing baits out at the Island also, with a lot of rays, and for all the shark lovers seen one them today also, moan in here and lets jump aboard the ol WhipaSnapa an lets boat....
Reds, Sheeps, and Blackdrum still biting strong! (3/14/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Load up; come on down to Biloxi, Mississippi jump aboard an get hooked! Bait shops are holding steady supply of live shrimp. That is really helping the cause. Great weather this week an a great forecast for the next 10 days.
Light Tackle Red fish Dominate yet Another Week (2/28/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Thanks ya'll for choosing WhipaSnapa for your boating adventure. For you cobia-shark-white trout-ground mullet lovers the water temps did reach 70* this week and should be just a matter of time before we start spreading our wings a lil. Remember to get them children out. They Love the fast action of the white trout an ground mullet (100s) on a short adventure.... Don't Forget they fish FREE......
Light tackle action: sheepsheads, reds and more (1/31/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] The great weather here in Biloxi Ms. this weekend, was thoroughly welcomed an enjoyed.Warm Temps, calm seas, combined with great companionship a strong fish bite and on that good lookin fish catching charter boat WhipaSnapa the good times were evident by all...
chilly or not fishin pulls out da smiles! (1/24/2011)
[Biloxi,MS] Get Your Team together an come on down here to S. Ms. an lets Knock off a lil rust together...... and lets keep the smiles a flowin....
Light tackle Fishing, Reds, Sheepshead, Black drum, ETC... (11/22/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Fish, water and all looks very good. So look forward to seeing each of our friends with some of their friends back for more WHIPASNAPA adventures next year!!
THE Gulf is the place to be!!11-14-10 (11/14/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Went hunting for a couple of days and with very lil movement, decided the Gulf is the place to be!
Pinch Me! Very successful fishing continues!! (11/01/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Times really wrapping up quickly for this fishtastic 2010 season. For the most part I am booked the rest of the snapper days think have 1 Friday left. But a few of the trips or welcoming guest to join so contact us and lets see if we can get you HOOKED UP::::all day offshore for 150 its worth that all day long trust me::::
Special fish delivery from above! 10-18-10 (10/18/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] South Mississippi weather has been FISHTASTIC! Could not ask for greater weather, smoother water or a stronger bite in the Gulf of Mexico.
Hero to Zero life of a boat Capt!? (10/11/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Still some great fishing going on in the Gulf of Mexico
Fishing as good as it gets now! (10/04/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Watching folks have that much fun is good for the soul! And guess most of weekend was good for the soul. What a great few days, I have had a blast!!
The 2010 Red Snapper Season (9/27/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] I'm gone try to fish all 23 days of the snapper season now the time to come check us out.
More Madness and Cobia Happiness. (9/19/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Pretty good box 3 Cobia, 25 Mangroves, white trout(15 or so), 3 lane snapper, couple really nice flounders also.
Mangrove madness;Cobia happiness!! (9/13/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Moan down South Ms. jump on the Whipasnapa!! And let's go put the (meat in the box)! Bay full of red an black drum;;;;;;; Mangroves, Kings, and Cobia are thick offshore.
Federal Waters OPEN and we went to investigate! (9/06/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Boy, it was great as we rounded the end of east Horn Island, da ol'mighty orange one was peeking up over the horizon an Capt. was grinning from ear to ear. South bound baby!!
Hot Mississippi Action on Trout and Drum! (8/30/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Still no definite word on the snapper season but trout, reds, flounder, drum, sharks etc.. will keep us entertained with tight lines till then
Crack-n-um on the Ms. Gulf Coast! (8/23/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] They talking about opening Snapper Season for a hot minute so keep your fingers crossed! Still got alot of good fishing to do this season, the best is yet to come.
Sea trout: Dots are not? (8/16/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Large numbers of the fast, steady and tasty, white trout(no dots), with a few large, sporadic, and tasty speckle trout(dots) have been transported to their resting place.
Special day awaits you,in Beautiful Biloxi,Ms. (8/09/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Come on down folks, the water and seafood (fish) are fine!
More Ms. water open for Fish and Keep!! (8/03/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Looking for them to loosen the reins a lil bit more soon (open more). But I sure would like a lil federal water! Let's hope and pray!! Sure am itching to get on out there. Think the Whipasnapa needs it too, where she can get aired out. If they do; should be good. There is no report of any damage to any finfish.
Flounder tops Biloxi Back Bay fishing report. (7/26/2010)
[Biloxi,MS] Bay should continue to be hot, as the weather! Islands opening up for some catch and release.
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