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Company: United Charters

Area Reporting: Shell Beach, Louisiana

Bio: United Charters was founded by Rory Rorison in 2001 and is located in Shell Beach, LA. Captain Rory is a life long Louisiana resident and has grown up fishing in this Sportsman's Paradise. Captain Rory's love of fishing and the outdoors is only matched by his love of sharing our bounty and his experience with others. United Charters provides some of the finest coastal marsh fishing to be found in the unspoiled waters of Shell Beach, Louisiana. We are USCG licensed and insured. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise United Charters has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

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Back to the Beach Today (9/26/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Back to the Beach today. Between the steady stream of storms and some needed maintenance for both me and the boat, I have been off the water for a few weeks. I brought the boat back down to Shell Beach yesterday and my buddy Paul gave me a hand, so we just had to go wet a line. In a couple hours we limited out on reds and picked up a dozen trout.
Tough, but Fun Sunday in Shell Beach (8/11/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Tough, but fun Sunday in Shell Beach. Sunday, I had Anthony, John, Angelo, and Jaden out on the Blazer Bay to catch some speckled trout. We got to our first stop at a reef I have been doing well on and there was a boat tied up to a pole right on the hot spot. We had lots of action, but few keepers to show for.
Fast Trout Bite in Shell Beach Tuesday (8/06/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Fast trout bite in Shell Beach Tuesday with Pete Schmedtje and his son Elliot. The day started out as one of those days when nothing goes right, from flat tire on truck, to baitwell pumps not working. Then the wind that was blowing harder than predicted, but things got better from there.
Last Thursday in Shell Beach (8/05/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Last Thursday in Shell Beach I had the Jim, George, and Larry on the Blazer Bay. Things started off a little slow, but after making a few moves we got a couple good bites.
Specktacular Sunday in Shell Beach (7/14/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Specktacular Sunday in Shell Beach, with Stephen Lacoste and his guest Phil. For a change of lately, the West wind was not blowing over 15 as we left Campo’s. We headed deep into the Sound and made one stop.
Redfish Fun in Shell Beach (6/13/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Redfish fun in Shell Beach. Today I had Forrest and Michelle on the Blazer Bay. This was Michelle’s first marsh fishing trip, and she put the first keeper red of the day on ice. We fished in the Biloxi marsh with Campo’s live shrimp under a Four Horsemen cork.
Speckled Friday in Shell Beach (5/30/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Speckled Friday in Shell Beach. Onboard the Blazer Bay were Pat, Brian, David, and Nathan. Pat and Brian have fished with me for years now, but this was going to be Nathan’s first ever fishing trip. There was a rain shower over the area I wanted to go to, so we stopped short to try a couple spots with not much action. Finally, the rain moved on and we moved to the rig I wanted to start at.
Monday in Shell Beach (5/14/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Monday in Shell Beach I had Al Fandrich and family out for a day on the water. With the extremely low water and a good breeze blowing we set up on the edge of the Sound in as protected an area we could find.
Last Friday at Shell Beach (5/13/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Last Friday at Shell beach I had Brian Renshaw, his son Tate, and Chris Talazac on the Blazer Bay. It was Tate’s 10th birthday and a fishing trip is what he wanted. As is typical when Brian books it was forecast to by windy, but at the first stop it was not bad.
Trout Tuesday in Shell Beach (4/22/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Trout Tuesday in Shell Beach. Gary, Richard, and Paul jumped on the Blazer Bay and we took off in search of some speckled trout. Armed with Campo’s live shrimp we hit the Sound in nice conditions.
Trout Thursday in Shell Beach (3/15/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Trout Thursday in Shell Beach. Matt Lester and family were my guests for the day and a good day it was. They were in town from San Antonio and wanted to enjoy a day of Louisiana fishing. They were not looking to keep any fish to take home, so a lot of fish got really lucky, except for a dozen trout I kept for me and the wife. They had nonstop action from the start and all day long.
Wednesday Meat Haul in Shell Beach (3/13/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Wednesday meat haul in Shell Beach. The Paul Denis group hopped on the Blazer Bay and off into the thick fog we went. We made our way out deep into Breton Sound to a small wellhead and the reds and heads were there and hungry.
One Good Day and One Tough Day in Shell Beach (2/28/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] One good day and one tough day in Shell Beach. Forrest Fife and Dan Saterfield came down from Monroe for two days of meat hauling Tuesday and Wednesday. They really wanted to get out into the Sound for a Sheepshead round up and battle with some bull reds. Tuesday conditions were perfect with very little wind and plenty for tide moving a day when none was forecast.
Shell Beach Trout Trip (2/22/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Shell Beach trout trip. Wednesday Steve, Greg, and Tim wanted to go look for the elusive speckled trout. There was some rain in the area, but it stayed away from us for the most part. We headed over towards Four Horse and made a drift picking up a few trout as we drifted along.
Daddy Daughter Day in Shell Beach (2/08/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Daddy daughter day in Shell Beach. Today daughter #1 Elizabeth finally had a day off from work while I had the same. We headed out for a quick afternoon day on the water. The water was super low and the wind was blowing pretty good, so we stayed close by in the MRGO.
Tuesday With the Treuting Crew in Shell Beach (1/31/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Tuesday With the Treuting Crew in Shell Beach. The Treuting crew hopped on the Blazer Bay and really wanted to catch some trout. With a strong front rolling through the night before stirring thin s up and dropping the water temp down near 50* I knew it would be tough, but off we went. After trying a few different areas with little to show for we switched to plan B.
Saturday in Shell Beach (1/30/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] Saturday in Shell Beach I was joined by Mitchell Morgan and his son Mason. We headed into the marsh on a chilly, but pretty morning. Things started off a little slow with very little bait or fish activity at our first stop. I noticed some bait activity on the other side of the pond so we moved over and first thing Mitchell hooks into a big red.
First Time Fun in Shell Beach (1/13/2020)
[Shell Beach,LA] First time fun in Shell Beach. Stephen Lacoste and his son Chris have fished with me before and fish plenty on their own, but Chris’s cousin Shannon from Atlanta had never been on a real fishing trip before. It sure didn’t take long for him to catch on.
Redfish Thursday in Shell Beach (10/15/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Redfish Thursday in Shell Beach. I helped Capt. Eric Olson with a two boat group from Texas. We both headed into the marsh armed with Campo’s live shrimp.
Bad Luck Friday the 13th? (9/17/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Bad luck Friday the 13th? Last Friday I had Mathew, Bianca, and Abijah from Georgia on the Blazer Bay. They wanted to do some rig fishing for what bigger fish, so the plan was to run out deep into the Sound. Besides being Friday the 13th, the wind was blowing harder that forecast, we had a full moon to deal with, and to top it off the crew brought bananas.
Meat Hauling Fun in Shell Beach (8/29/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Meat hauling fun in Shell Beach. Forrest Fife and Sean Stuckey came down for another round of crab eating and fishing. They cooked and ate some pretty crabs the night before at the lodge and in the morning we headed into the Sound. They really were not too interested in trout, so I hit some rigs I have not fished this year.
Stormy Day in Shell Beach (8/27/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Stormy day in Shell Beach. Rudy Ramos and his son Jonathan came down to get in a trip before classes started up again. The plan was to start out looking for trout.
One Stop Shopping in Shell Beach (7/27/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] One stop shopping in Shell Beach. Today I had the Kirk’s Tire and Accessories gang of Kirk, KB, Blake, and David on the Blazer Bay. We opted to go for redfish and it was a good move, even though the calm winds were tempting for a trout run.
Crab Man Hits Shell Beach (7/24/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Monday I had Alvin Crab Man Royce and his son Justus out to look for some trout before school starts up again. Conditions were nice, but the bite was tough for us. We started out wasting a lot of bait at the Rocks.
Breezy Day Two in Shell Beach (7/12/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Breezy day two in Shell Beach. Tuesday was day two for Forrest and Robert. We tried to get on the trout early like the day before, but the winds were just too high. We managed to put 12 good trout in the box, before giving up on the trout.
Speckled Monday at Shell Beach (7/10/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Speckled Monday at Shell Beach. Forrest Fife brought Monroe radio personality Robert DjWorm Jarvis down for his first taste of the salt marsh. We started out looking for trout and got on a good bite right off the bat.
One of Those Days at the Beach (6/27/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] One of those days at the Beach. Tuesday I had Oneofthepack and Big Leon on the Blazer Bay. Our goal was to fish deep in the Sound for trout. The wind was a little more than forecast, but not too bad. We made several moves and covered a lot of water.
Reds on the Beach (6/21/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Reds on the Beach. I picked Kevin Rome and 4 of his friends in Fort Beauregard. It was a little too breezy to chase trout outside, so to the marsh we headed. Things started out a little slow, picking up a few keepers, but mostly rat reds.
Thursday in Shell Beach (6/20/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Thursday at the Beach I had the pleasure of fishing with Tommy and Quinn Morrison. The guys wanted to chase Redfish in the marsh and it was a good call. At our first stop we got on a good bite that picked up as a rain shower passed over.
Wednesday Shell Beach Meat Haul (6/19/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Wednesday Shell Beach meat haul. Forrest Fife brought his buddy Sean Stuckey down to The Beach from Monroe, LA for his first inshore trip. Sean has done plenty fishing, but not inshore saltwater. Funny thing is we caught plenty familiar freshwater along with limits of Reds.
Speckled Trout Tuesday in Shell Beach (6/18/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Speckled trout Tuesday in Shell Beach. Today I had Dr Steve Slaton and family onboard. They really wanted Trout, so we gave that a try first. The wind made things a little sporty, but the trout did not care today.
Windy Reds in Shell Beach (6/11/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Windy reds in Shell Beach. Today was day one for the Mike Drake group. With the wind blowing 20 out the NE trout were out of the question, so we headed into the marsh to chase redfish. It was never a fast crazy bite, but steady enough to keep us around and the guys filled the box with limits of reds.
Last Saturday in Shell Beach (6/07/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Last Saturday in Shell Beach was not an easy one. Jamey Sandefur and family were all set to chase trout out in the Sound. I whacked them pretty good the day before, so we pounded it out to the same area. We moved around quite a bit and never got a bite besides ladyfish. We bounced around a few other spots while talking other striking out too.
Speck Slam in Shell Beach (6/03/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Speck slam in Shell Beach. Friday I had the Jim Walther group onboard. They only wanted trout, and fr a change the wind was not howling, so it was deep into the Sound we went. We had a slow bite going at our first stop, but these were really nice sized trout. After that fizzled out we move a couple miles away, and the Trout went nuts.
Switching Gears in Shell Beach (5/25/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Switching gears in Shell Beach. Yesterday I had the Blaise Ernts group all set for a Trout haul out deep into the Sound. As usual the weatherman lied. The forecast 5-10 was a steady 15+. After pounding it out and bouncing around with only a few trout to show for it was time to make the switch.
Plan B in Shell Beach (5/22/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Plan B in Shell Beach. Yesterday I had Reggie and Pat Hayes on the Blazer Bay. We left Campo’s with intentions of chasing Trout in the Sound. As we headed out the winds were picking up so we had to stop short on the edge. The guys managed to put some trout on ice, but it was tough in the dirty water.
Saturday in Shell Beach (5/22/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Saturday in Shell Beach I took out Don, David, and Mark. They were in town from different parts of the country on business and wanted to get out on the water. Since the wind was blowing first thing in the morning we stayed in the marsh focusing on Redfish or whatever else bit. You name it, if it swims in the marsh, they caught it.
Friday Grind in Shell Beach (5/18/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Friday grind in Shell Beach. My guests for the day were Keith, Matt, and Jimmy. Things started out a little tough. First my bait well was not working, and after getting that going getting bait was an issue. Now with a delayed start, but with bait we ran straight out to the Sound in pretty conditions only to find boat all over everywhere I wanted to stop. After settling at a rig we caught plenty big Spanish Mackerel and Bull Reds.
Nonstop Reds in Shell Beach (5/15/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Nonstop reds in Shell Beach today. Today I had Forrest Fife, and his friend Joe on the Blazer Bay. It was nice and calm this morning as we pulled out of Campo’s. I had thoughts of big Sound trout dancing in my head, but my guys wanted to go chase reds in the marsh instead. Fine with me, because it is all about what my client wants to do.
Had to Work for Them Wednesday at Shell Beach (5/09/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Had to work for them Wednesday in Shell Beach. I helped Capt. Ed out with a group from Florida. The rat reds were thick with the keepers playing tough to get, but we fished on through it to fill the cleaning table.
Speckled Monday at The Beach (5/01/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Speckled Monday at The Beach. My guest for the day was Norman Tabor from Boston, Mass. It has been a good while since I have targeted trout, but today conditions were semi favorable so we gave them a shot first. Our first stop started off rather slow. We caught some nice trout, but just too slow of a bite.
Fun Wednesday in Shell Beach (4/26/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] ​​Fun Wednesday in Shell Beach. Pat Comiskey and his son Brian were my guests on the Blazer Bay. They have fished with me plenty over the years and they are a lot of fun, keeping me laughing all day. It was a little windier than I expected so we went straight to plan Redfish.
Bachelor Party Redfish Beat Down (3/25/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Bachelor party redfish beat down at Shell Beach. Last Friday I helped run part of a 3 boat trip for a group of guys from Texas in town for a bachelor party. Conditions were pretty nasty and there was rain on the way. We got lucky on the rain since it broke up passed around us, but we sure caught the wind.
Shell Beach Redfish Slam (3/23/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of fishing with David Deutsch and his sons. A strong cold front barreled through the night before leaving behind a lot of wind and cold temps that dropped all day. I told the guys to bundle up and like the experienced fishermen they were they dressed for the occasion. They have done a lot of fishing, just never down here in Louisiana.
Girls Beat the Boys in Shell Beach (3/13/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Girls beat the boys in Shell Beach. Saturday I ran a two boat trip with Capt. Gabe. We had a group of 10 and the boys hopped on my boat and the girls with Capt. Gabe. It started off pretty calm but the winds were going to be picking up so opted to stay in the marsh and it was a good thing we did as the winds picked up as the morning went on.
Shell Beach Meat Haul (3/09/2019)
[Shell Beach,LA] Shell Beach meat haul. Yesterday I help Capt. Ed with a two boat trip for a group from Texas. With calm conditions we made the run out into the Sound. We hopped around a few wellheads and got on some good bites of big reds and lots of sheepshead.
Spooky Specks at Shell Beach (11/01/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Yesterday I had Jim Walther and his two guests Clint and Clint on the Blazer Bay. The wind was howling when I picked them up at Jim’s camp and the tide was still rising though it should have been falling. We found some birds working in a pass between two lagoons and the guys went to work.
Friday Fall Fishing at Shell Beach (10/26/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Friday fall fishing at Shell Beach. Today I helped Capt. Mark running 4 guys from Texas for him today. It was chilly, the NW wind howling and the tide was falling super hard. The guys said they wanted reds and reds they got.
Windy Wednesday at Shell Beach (10/26/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Windy Wednesday at Shell Beach. I picked up the Jim Walther and his quests David and Larry at Jim’s camp and off we went to find some trout though expectations were not high. The wind was blowing ridiculously hard out the ENE. We found some birds diving in a bayou and the guys put some trout in boat weeding through a lot of through back.
Saturday at Shell Beach (10/24/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Last Saturday at Shell Beach I had the Jamey Sandefur, his dad Doc, along with Grace, Brook, and Jim. It was a super foggy boat ride to our first stop where we got on a decent trout bite till some idiot in a tower boat came flying through right over our fish.
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