All Colorado Fishing Reports

Happy Holidays by Scott Taylor (1/25/2015)
[San Juan River,CO] It is ski season now, but we are still fishing on the Lower San Juan River with both wade and float trips. Most days in the winter the temperatures are 20 degrees warmer that Pagosa Springs.
Great summer fishing on the San Juan. by Scott Taylor (7/25/2013)
[Pagosa Springs,CO] The fishing continues to be very good. There have been a few days where some of the local waters were muddy, but we still found clear water on some of the different drainages that we are permitted in. Going up Trukey Creek tomorrow.
November Trout & Pike. by Scott Taylor (11/06/2012)
[Pagosa Springs,CO] With mild temperatures and no snow in the high country, we are still having some great days fishing around Pagosa Spring. On the streams above 9,000 feet the best fishing time is around 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. The window for good fishing is getting smaller, but it is still a great way to enjoy the mountains
Fall Fishing in Pagosa Springs, CO by Scott Taylor (10/06/2012)
[Pagosa Springs,CO] The seasons are changing! Snow in the high country (7 inches at Wolf Creek Ski Area), yellow aspens, red and orange oak brush. This is a great time to be in Pagosa Springs. The day time highs have been in the mid 70's with temps around 38 a night, making for some great sleeping weather. That is good news for the trout. The water temperature has dropped considerably from the highs around 72 degrees only 3 4 weeks ago, to between 50 60 degrees (depending on elevation).
August Fly Fising Report by Scott Taylor (8/13/2012)
[Pagosa Springs,CO] It has been a very busy July and first part of August, after August 19th town will start to slow down with a lot of schools starting back up. Then there will be another bump with the start of hunting season in late August. The fishing continues to be good with water levels staying fishable and afternoon showers keeping the water temperatures down.
rains and cooler temps = BETTER FISHING by Scott Taylor (7/10/2012)
[Pagosa Springs,CO] At Sunset Ranch the fishing has been great in between blown out days. Last week Jeff and I had a family out there with visibility in the 8 10 inch range. That can scare some anglers away, but we got into a bunch of fish. We were throwing some of Pop's special San Juan worms,
Summer fishing in the Rockies. by Scott Taylor (6/20/2012)
[Pagosa Springs,CO] The Blanco, Turkey Creek, and numerous other small streams all have fish that want to eat dry flies. The fish have not been very selective; they just want a good drag free float.
Run off is over! by Scott Taylor (6/06/2012)
[Pagosa Springs,CO] The guides were fishing lots more water during May, than a typical year. Low snowfall and an early melt, means that run off is over. While this may be good for fishing in May and early June, let's hope for a wet summer to keep the water levels in check come October, and not let Navajo Lake run too low.
April Trout Fishing & Getting Ready for Florida! by Scott Taylor (4/12/2012)
[Pagosa Springs,CO] Today we went to Navajo Reservoir. It was snowing and blowing up to 20 mph at 8:00 am, but we had a plan, and stuck to it. Even with the tough weather, one of our main goals was to see how some of our new Tarpon flies were swimming.
Fly Fishing Pagosa Springs, CO by Scott Taylor (4/01/2012)
[Pagosa Springs,CO] Last week's warm temperatures broke all the ice on the upper San Juan River and the flows went from 150 cfs to 850 cfs this morning. Run off is starting. As the lakes start to lose their ice, the fishing should be good on them.
Feb. 2 Fishing Report by Scott Taylor (2/02/2012)
[Pagosa Springs,CO] Did 3 floats last week on the lower Juan, and fished a few hours on the town stretch. Below the dam the fishing has been very good on the warmer days. If you can hit the river when the temperatures are in the mid forties and higher the fishing should be good. With that said, currently it is in the 30's and snowing in Pagosa, I should be fishing instead of writing this report. I think it would be a good BWO afternoon!
Fly Fishing Pagosa Springs by Scott Taylor (1/25/2012)
[Pagosa Springs,CO] I really like the improvements that were done on the Quality Waters of the San Juan River in NM! There were spots that I have only caught a few fish in the last 5 years, that were now loaded with fish.
Fall Fishing in Pagosa Springs, CO by Scott Taylor (10/19/2011)
[San Juan River,CO] The BWO hatch is on!! If you have never fish the BWO hatch on the San Juan, now it the time. The fishing should be good through mid-November.
Fall fly fishing in Pagosa Springs, CO by Scott Taylor (9/01/2011)
[San Juan River,CO] The fishing has been very good in the mountains with cooler waters due to the afternoon rains. The lower San Juan is fishing better than all summer. Check out the full report.
Fly Fishing Pagosa Springs, CO by Scott Taylor (7/19/2011)
[San Juan River,CO] The fishing is very good, and I would like to thank the guides for all their hard work.
Great Trout fishing in Colorado. by Scott Taylor (6/30/2011)
[San Juan River,CO] Runoff is almost over, some of the best fishing of the year is on the way. The ant fall should be coming soon if we get some big rains!!
Spring fishing in SW Colorado by Scott Taylor (5/04/2011)
[Blanco River,CO] Spring run off is on the way, but there is still good fishing in SW Colorado.
Pagosa Springs Pike Fishing by Scott Taylor (4/15/2010)
[San Juan River,CO] I had two trips out on Navajo Lake last week. The fishing has been on the slow side with most of the water temps at 49 degrees. We did find some back, muddy water at 52.
Late ice is nice by Bernie Keefe (3/14/2010)
[Lake Granby,CO] Late ice fishing should be getting good to great as the season progresses. Using tubes and spoons will entice fish to eat as the days get longer.
Winter Trout on The San Juan by Scott Taylor (1/24/2010)
[San Juan River,CO] Great fishing on the Juan. Guide Steve Baird was out with Parker and Kyle, for their first time fishing with a fly rod. Went skiing one day, and fishing the next. Onlyl in SW Colorado!
Ice ice baby - Lake Trout Ice Fishing Lake Granby by Bernie Keefe (1/24/2010)
[Lake Granby,CO] We have a good bite working from shallow to deep water. Working hard can land an average of 4 fish a day ranging from 26-37".
Ice-on by Bernie Keefe (12/28/2009)
[Lake Granby,CO] The ice has formed and the bite is on. Early ice means good fishing but ice conditions demand safety. Make sure to check the ice as you go.
Fall Fishing in Colorado by Scott Taylor (11/06/2009)
[San Juan River,CO] You can still get your dry fly fix on the San Juan River.
Fishing is off the charts by Bernie Keefe (10/24/2009)
[Lake Granby,CO] This past week we have been catching 60-100 fish a day.
The Lake Granby Trout Fishing Is On Fire by Bernie Keefe (10/14/2009)
[Lake Granby,CO] The fall bite has started. Good numbers are being caught around the lake.
Kickin it with jigs by Bernie Keefe (6/14/2009)
[Lake Granby,CO] The jig bite is red hot. We are moving around to find the schools and when we do they bite well.
The bite is still hot, just a little deeper by Bernie Keefe (6/08/2009)
[Lake Granby,CO] With the water temps warming the fish have started to migrate a little deeper.
The bite is on!! Lake Granby Trout Fishing by Bernie Keefe (5/25/2009)
[Lake Granby,CO] Fishing is hot and the weather has been nice.
Macinaw madness by Bernie Keefe (5/07/2009)
[Lake Granby,CO] The fishing is hot. Lake Trout, Brown trout, Kokanee and Rainbow Trout are biting lures and bait.
Granby's ice off is now by Bernie Keefe (5/02/2009)
[Lake Granby,CO] The ice is coming off Lake Granby and the fishing is crazy good.
Fun On The Eagle by Pat Dorsey (3/24/2007)
[Eagle River,CO] The Eagle can be a lot of fun this time of year. The key to having a good day is to fish the stretches of water down stream form water treatment plants.