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Finally with all the unpredictable weather this year and the same with the Crappie fishing things are finally settling down and the fish are getting more predictable along with the weather. The past week has been allowing for some good catches using the tightline method off the front of the boat using Deep South Crappie rods in 14 and 16 foot lengths to get your bait away from the boat spooled with Vicious clear blue fishing line in 6# test ending with a Rons Zip Jig tipped with a small minnow. Fishing this method at a speed using your GPS at 6-8 tenths of a mph keeping your bait at a depth of 1-2 ft under water should get some exciting bites. If this pattern continues the next thing to try would be to long line troll off the back. More about this in my next report. If you are not familiar with these techniques you should hire a guide although dont think you will be able to call one today and go fishing tommorrow good guides sometimes are booked for several weeks. If you are interested check out my web site and go to my contact page. www.thecrappiefisherman.com

Fish Species: Black Crappie
Bait Used: Rons Zip Jigs
Tackle Used: Deep South Spec Rods / Vicious Line
Method Used: Tightline
Water Depth: 6-8'
Water Temperature: 74
Wind Direction: N-NE
Wind Speed: 0-5 mph
Better pictures next time
Better pictures next time

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Mike Baker

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