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December 8th, 2009 - Mosquito Lagoon & Indian River Fishing Report

Well first off I would like to say happy holiday season to every one out there. Hope it will be a safe one for all and next year will be fantastic for every body as well! Fish on!

With that said let's talk a little bit of fishing. By a little bit I mean just a bit. The weather the past several days just have been down right bad, so the fishing was from last week and beyond. Now do not get me wrong, we really did need the rain so it is a good thing in many ways.The dry season is here so let's take it while we can get it. Up until the rain moved in last week the fishing here on the Mosquito Lagoon had really started to turn towards its winter patterns in several different ways. A very welcome change that is embraced by many of us out here. The water levels however are still very high(in my opinion) but the clarity has improved tremendously, water temps are slowly dropping, winter birds from north have shown up and the redfish fish are starting their typically bunch up like kids on a playground tradition. More like the nature of the beast I say. That beast shall I say is the Redfish!

Redfish are starting to feed aggressively among the flats and shorelines as the day breaks and continuing throughout the day and into the warming afternoon. Most fish are being caught in the 15-28 inch range of water depth. As the water warms up the fish begin to become more active. Not just the reds but every cold blooded fish out there. Again it is their nature. Most fish are being landed using the D.O.A 3" Shrimp 1/4 oz. in two particular colors that I having been using. One is the D.O.A. Nite Glow and the other, which I have had extremely great success with not just getting reds but the trout seem to gravitate towards this thing as well. The D.O.A. #408 Red/Gold Glitter, Redfish Using the Sight Fishing Method.again in the 3" Shrimp 1/4 oz. weight. Now the Nite Glow Is great for the cloudy and dark water conditions, like the name states the fish just can see this thing much better in low light conditions. However I find it still works great in bright clear sunny skies and is an all around go to plastic.(Speaking of sun, remember, keep the sun at your back and in their face...). Also like several baits in the lagoon they(bait) are in some sort of way or have on them white some where or are light colored in some way. Like mullet, dark on the top, but white on the bottom. As always a very well placed throw to these fish will produce. Remember the tail does not eat. As always take your time and approach them with patience. Most the fish have been in the slot size with a few up and over the slot.

Now the other bait that has been really producing, especially with the overcast skies we had there off and on, is the top water plug. Chug Bug or Skiiter Walk are my two favorites at any given time. Both trout and reds have been hammering this thing. Just remember to treat and handle the trout with care(handle all fish with care)for they MUST be released at this time of the year. Big trout have been seen moving across their hidden domain as you pole through the flats as well. As I always say, giant trout are the special forces of the lagoon. Just work grass flats and shore lines/structure for good action. Deeper water in the 4 - 5 foot or so range will bring on the schooling trout by the dozens. Keep your eye out for bait pods and work this as well. No bait in the area... maybe no fish too. You would not shop at a grocery store with no groceries on the shelf would you. Bait fish in the area are always a great sign along with other feeding animals and birds.

Again I wish every one a safe and happy holiday season this year.

As always I look forward to seeing you on the water. Tight lines and bent rods!

Captain Drew Cavanaugh

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Fish Species: Redfish
Bait Used: Artificial
Tackle Used: Light tackle
Method Used: Sight Fish
Water Depth: 15-28
Water Temperature: 68
Wind Direction: All over
Wind Speed: 10+
Two Brothers on their first reds...At the same time.
Two Brothers on their first reds...At the same time.


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