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Impounded 1954

Lake Level: Full pool (fluctuates with Fall rain)

Fall on Demopolis Lake

I've had lots of phone calls and e-mails this year pertaining to info needed for Demopolis Lake. Many anglers have qualified for an October Bassmasters Tournament scheduled to be held here out of the City of Demopolis this Fall season. Many of these professional bass anglers have never fished Demopolis Lake (now over 52 years since impoundment) and some will have no trouble figuring them out when their tournament takes place. Many anglers are having trouble getting maps so heres help.

* MAPS * Carto Craft Maps in Birmingham, (205) 822-2103 or Toll free number 1-800-444-4095.

Demopolis Lake - Really more like a river than a lake. The joining of two major Alabama Rivers in 1954 backed up the waters of the Tombigbee River and the Warrior River. Demopolis Lock and Dam was built just a little over a mile below Demopolis City Boat launch, backing up the waters of these two major Alabama Rivers and Demopolis Lake, featuring over 10,000 surface acres of water was created.

Tombigbee River - Leaving Demopolis City launch and heading upriver you will see a very evident looking Two River junction about one mile north. At this Y junction the Tombigbee River goes to your left and the Warrior River goes to your right. The Tombigbee River runs for 68 nautical miles, from Demopolis Lock and Dam to Gainesville Lock and Dam upstream. It features many creeks, Cyprus filled backwaters, rock bluffs and weedy swamps, including a barge navigated River. There was a barge navigated canal dredged right through the nearby woods and this created an area just above the Two Rivers junction called, Rattlesnake Bend.

There are also many places to explore in these 68 miles of Tombigbee River waters, all filled with weeds, Cyprus Trees and other wood cover. Just above where the two rivers junction is Taylor Lake Slough. In the Rattlesnake Bend area are Mc Connico Creek, Birdeye Creek and Birdine Slough. Up the Tombigbee River places worth trying this Fall season would have to include, Logjam Slough, Spidle Lake Slough, Belmont Landing Slough, Culpepper Slough, Foscue Creek and Lock and Dam Slough.

Warrior River - The Warrior River runs for 53 miles of twisting, winding, barge navigated river heading North, from the city of Demopolis to Warrior River Lock and Dam, just below the city of Tuscaloosa in mid Alabama. Leaving the two river junctions and heading to your right up the Warrior River (right before you go under the Hwy. 43 bridge), on your left is Dobbs Swamp, full of weeds and wood cover. Runaway Branch that features weedy banks, standing timber, stumps, fallen trees, Cyprus trees and resident built piers, is closest to the Hwy 43 bridge on your left. Just past the Hwy. 43 bridge heading up the Warrior River, is a small spot on your left called, Kelly's Slough. Hidden like many backwaters on Demopolis Lake.

There are many unnamed swamps and backwaters, some with mouths so small the boat is touching weeds on both sides as you enter. But keep in mind most of these backwaters have water 5-10 feet deep during full pool and resident bass. French Creek is an all day exploration if you really wanted to fish the entire Creek. It is on your right just after you pass Citadel Cement Plant and Slough. Idling the boat is suggested in this winding creek channel flat loaded with stumps. Noted by its name, Powerline Slough just above French Creek is evident. Backbone Creek a weed and wood filled creek, is on your left, just above Powerline Slough as you navigate north up the Warrior River.

A few miles north of Backbone Creek is the Greene County Steam Plant, evident by the tall smoke stacks and the straight, carved out canal created for warm water discharge during winter (The water intake is further upstream on this huge island). A few miles above The Greene County Steam Plant discharge area is a very evident creek mouth. Big Prairie Creek. It is so big it looks like another incoming river. But looks can be deceiving. Shallow water flats (due to floods silting in this creek) can make navigation hazardous. So use extreme caution after you reach the piers and mid creek islands in Big Prairie Creek, about one mile from the creek mouth junction. Idle the boat or troll from here on into this huge creek, that goes for a few miles back in the scenic woods.

Fishing Demopolis Lake - There are over 500 miles of shoreline to explore on Demopolis Lake this Fall season. Backwaters feature weeds that are now underwater due to their growth this past summer and due to drought induced low water. The lake was down 3 feet this past summer and aquatic weeds grew all along the banks, banks that are now covered with water as the lake is back to full pool. So many of those weeds are now 3 feet under water. Cyprus trees have roots that grow as far as 10 feet from the main tree trunk. Some Cyprus trees and their roots labeled "knees" can be found in water from 1-5 feet deep.

These are excellent places to target this Fall season as cooling backwaters attract the baitfish...and the bass are always nearby. Shallow to deep diving crankbaits, floating and suspending jerkbaits and rattletraps can all be fan cast around weeds, wood cover and creek mouths, all the way to the far back ends of backwaters. Weedless lures like frogs and rats are deadly in flooded weed situations. So are all sizes of spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, floating worms, soft jerkbaits, lures like inline spinners (snagless sallies) and the now famous, chatterbait. Lures that can be manipulated to stay in one spot can draw strikes from bass in flooded waters. Zara Spooks, Sammie's, Pop-R's, The Spittin' Image, the baby torpedoe and other prop baits, are all great topwaters for picky bass.

Flipping or pitching lures to the thick weeds or around Cyprus trees and other wood cover is a big bass tactic on Demopolis Lake. Especially when slowing down extremely may be needed in your presentation. Finesse fishing, like on many lakes is a good tactic as well, utilizing small plastic lures such as worms, lizards, crayfish imitations, grubs or shad imitations. Fished Texas rigged or on a jig head, coupled with light tackle outfits featuring 8-10 pound test monofilament line, during clear to lightly stained water situations, these small lures can entice bass to bite. This especially holds true while in highly pressured waters, such as during a huge bass tournament featuring 200 boats.

Big Bass? Casting, flipping, pitching or swimming lures such as tube baits in lengths of 6-8 inches, oversized 8-10 inch worms or Texas rigged lizards, big, gaudy jig combos with oversized jig trailers like plastic chunks, big crayfish or pork chunks, all get the "big bass bite" when looking for that kicker bass, especially when fishing thick cover and stained waters. These and other big bass lures aid anglers in fooling these normally skittish bass into biting with tempting over sized offerings.

Other big bass lures for Demopolis this Fall season? To many to list, but topwaters are always first on my list for tackling Demopolis big, largemouth bass and spotted bass. One, the big three hooked, Zara Super Spook (originally made by James Heddon as the Zara Spook) with internal rattles, fished on 20 pound test monofilament line and strong 6 foot rods, will always get the attention of Demopolis big largemouth bass. Spotted bass like em' too!

Fished around main river wood, rock and weed cover, in creek mouths, around mid creek Cyprus trees, creek points, small islands, weed lined banks, stumps, laying trees, logs, brush and other wood cover, these annoying walking spooks can be deadly. Especially in backwaters at dawn. Rainy periods or real cloudy days can show all day topwater action around weeds, rocky banks, Cyprus trees and other wood cover. Late evenings are good too (after the pros are off the water)! with Spooks (and noisy, clacker type buzzbaits as well). For more on fishing the Zara Super Spook go to: and click on the cover page link, "Everything you always wanted to know about fishing the Zara Spook," by author, Reed Montgomery. Over 30 years experience fishing the zara spook.

Not only are the creeks and backwaters of Demopolis Lake good this Fall season but the creek mouths and the main river are good as well. Stumps, laying trees, logjams in bends, wood cover, weed cover and rock bluffs all adorn this Lake. Places where the noted spotted bass lurk, along with largemouth bass that do not get pressured as much as creek and backwater bass.

Fish Demopolis Lake this Fall season and join the professional anglers as both of you enjoy some of the year's best bass fishing on this lower Alabama Lake. Or call on Reeds Guide Service (205) 787-5133 and see how over 30 years of fishing Demopolis Lake (and other Alabama Lakes) will help aid you in your ever elusive search for that trophy bass.

Keep in mind our lakes are crowded, but these waters belong to all anglers. Respect other anglers and give them room to fish. Some are fishing Demopolis Lake for the first time, competing for thousands of dollars with lots at stake if they do not catch fish and get a check. Lets give them a good impression of Alabama anglers!

Be safe and dress warm during these cold, Fall and Winter seasons and always wear your life jacket and outboard kill switch...

The life you save could be your own!

Good Fishin' Reed

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