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October 26 th, 2010 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Reports

Well it has been a very productive past several weeks on the waters of both the Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River. The fishing has been outstanding and steady from the New Smyrna Beach backcountry area down through the deeper Indian River waters of the Mims and Scottsmoor area. Water levels have final stabilized and the clarity has returned as well making for good sight fishing conditions. As long as these conditions remain the fishing should stay at a premium.

Redfish have been the main target of the flats at all times of the day. Early morning hours along grass flats in the backcountry waters seem to be the way to start things off. Start off by looking for action on the water. See if there is a presence of bait in the area. Pole the flats taking your time and search for feeding fish. Redfish have been feeding on bait fish and small crabs mostly along with some small shrimp at times. Several fish here lately have been caught using the D.O.A. Shallow Runner Baitbuster in several different colors. Pass this lure past the redfish at a steady pace without stopping it and it will produce some great action. Do not be surprised to get a trout or two with this method as well. For those of you who are wanting to throw some cut bait a well placed piece of mullet or ladyfish will also bring in results. Search for white holes and slight drop offs for optimal ambush points. Just remember do not throw and land on top of the fish as it will scare them. The key as always when fishing the flats and stalking these fish is stealth and patience. Just take your time and do not rush things. The bull reds are finishing up there spawn in the deeper waters and have been pursued hard this fall so be sure to give them a break and a chance to recover. Please be sure to handle every single fish with the utmost care for a higher survival rate on release.

Several trout in different size ranges are being caught as well as with a few black drum in the Mosquito Lagoon. Trout have been very aggressive at hitting several different lures. Top water action is by far the most exciting at first light as long as you can find areas where there is no grass floating to get in your way. Soft plastics are always a great choice too. Working the deeper ledges and drop offs where there is a large bait source around with a steady retrieve. Sight fishing for the bigger trout will improve as the winter days approach. The black drum are eating small crabs and small shrimp imitations and can be seen moving in slightly bigger schools throughout the entire lagoon systems. The key is not to spook or play chase these with these fish as they will pick up and run from you. Take your time and get into a good position for the cast. Make the day an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Captain Drew Cavanaugh

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Fish Species: Redfish & Trout
Bait Used: Artificial
Tackle Used: Light Tackle & Fly
Method Used: Sight Fishing The Flats
Water Depth: 15-30 Inches
Water Temperature: 78
Wind Direction: N-NE
Wind Speed: 5-15k
Sight Fished Redfish
Sight Fished Redfish

Mosquito Lagoon Red Drum
Mosquito Lagoon Red Drum

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