Tom Mattusch

From running out for salmon, I spotted a couple crab pots I missed picking up. One crab ahd obvioulsy just molted and was very soft. Anotehr was only so-so soft. It's not crab season so they swent back. Picked those up and saw birds diving. We have been catching some mackeral while fishing for salmon. I saw lone pelicans diving and set up on bait balls and it was wide open mackeral. Every hook onthe Sabiki rigs was loaded. Took all the anglers wanted, then moved on down towards Tunitas for a little rockfish action, while I showed a new skipper details about the boat. Limits of rockfish, fast drift, southerly.

Fish Species: Mackeral, then Rockfish
Bait Used: None
Tackle Used: Sabiki & shrimp flies
Method Used: Drifitng
Water Depth: 190
Water Temperature: 57
Wind Direction: South
Wind Speed: 6-10 knots

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Tom Mattusch

About The Author: Captain Tom Mattusch

Company: Huli Cat Sportfishing

Area Reporting: Central California, San Francisco Bay area

Bio: Tom Mattusch is currently the owner/operator of the Huli Cat, a 53 foot charter boat operating out of Pillar Point Harbor and has fished the West Coast since 1967. Tom holds positions on the Salmon Stamp Committee for California, the California Department of Fish and Game License Agent Advisory Committee and NOAA's California Sportfishing Action Team. He's an IGFA Certified Captain. In an effort to contribute to research, Tom works with NOAA's PFEL tagging chinook salmon. He also worked with NOAA's Santa Cruz field office gathering stomachs and beaks of Humboldt squid. He recently completed a study with the Point Reyes Bird Observatory collecting lingcod, salmon and halibut stomachs and is currently involved in a study with Scripps to gather albacore stomachs. Tom holds Board of Director positions with the Golden Gate Fishermens Association, Coastside Fishing Club and Fishery Enhancement and Research Foundation. He can be heard on four radio stations giving fish reports or discussing fishing politics. He has worked closely with the Recreational Fishing Alliance, PCFFA, the Half Moon Bay Fishermans Marketing Association, United Anglers of Southern California and United Anglers. Tom ran the first trip out of Half Moon Bay to take anglers to catch Humboldt squid and the first white shark viewing trip to the Farallon Islands. He is the first charter boat Captain out of Half Moon Bay to get certified to marry people and has married people on the Huli Cat. Tom ran the first albacore trip out of Half Moon Bay to demonstrate the albacore were again reachable by boat off the Central California coast in the mid 1990's. Tom held a seat on the California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative as a Central Coast Regional Stakeholder group Member.

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