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High water from recent snow and rain events has had a dramatic effect on water temperatures, plummeting them down to just above freezing. As a result fishing has slowed down from past weeks. To compound the matter all area streams have been running bank full limiting fishing areas to the slow seems and current breaks. However for the die hard fish are still available. Woolybuggers, and muddlers worked slowly across the seams and through the back eddies have resulted in some larger fish. The key to this water level is to keep your offering glues to the bottom. Using sink tips will help in improving the control over the flies, however a certain amount of snags is to be expected. Make sure that you bring a wide assortment of streamers with you as you will lose a few to snags and larger fish in the higher waters.

The McMicheals Ck is fishing better then most at the moment, as even with high water it can be fished by most anglers. Size 10 black woolybuggers fished in the tails of pools have been taking their share of fish, as have size 10 pink worms fished on a dead drift.

The Swiftwater has been fishing exceptional during the higher water periods. Mickey fins as well as other brightly colored streamers in sizes 8-12 have been producing good numbers. Large stonefly nymphs in sizes 6-8 worked under the banks and behind larger rocks have also been an effect method under these conditions.

Rarely does thermal pollution become a positive for the trout angler; however the warming of the snowmelt along the roadways does bring some relief to freezing temperatures. The Pocono, and Paradise as well as many of the mountain streams located along side road ways are running a few degrees warmer then the other streams. As a result they have fish slightly more active and willing to respond to the fly.

In these cold temperatures icing of the guides and fly lines can become and issue. To help alleviate these issues clean you line prior to your outing and apply a liberal coat of floatant. A clean line will shed more water which will keep guide freer of ice, however to help reduce icing even more a de-icing paste should be used. The easiest to work with is Stanleys Ice Off, for best results apply the night before and allow it to dry, and then buff it clean with a dry rag. This will keep you guide clear for sometime, however it is best to carry some paste in your vest and re-apply as needed.

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Adam Hoelper

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