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So far this January 2012 has seen great weather conditions with cool mornings and some fairly warm days, schooling Redfish have been great fun sight fishing targets, casting select size live shrimp to the visible waking and pushing fish on the shallow flats. Most of these Reds are in the slot size up to 27" with a few fish over the slot being caught also. Winter pattern has most all the fish bunched up together which makes for some of the best sight fishing of the year, most shallow water schools can have from 50 to 500 Redfish swimming together which makes for a fantastic fishing experience. Here are a few pics from a couple of recent charter trips including a shot of a Redfish triple with all 3 clients catching a Red at the same time.

We have also been catching a few quality Seatrout which also live on our grass flats on Mosquito Lagoon. Some trips we catch many Trout fishing drop offs and deeper sloughs which concentrate the also schooling Specks this time of year. Best bait for Trout can be live shrimp and Gulp shrimp jigs hopped along the bottom in the right spot.

With the mild winter we are having, my Backcountry mixed bag fishing trips have been lots of fun with schooling Trout and Bluefish being the main targets of late, can be non stop catching with this easy and fun style of fishing. Also at any time in the mix we can catch Black Drum, Sheepshead, Flounder, Redfish, and usually a few other different species of saltwater fish.

As we are out catching fun saltwater fish we will be seeing lots of wildlife up close and personal near the boat with Dolphins and many different bird species on every trip.


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Fish Species: Redfish / Seatrout /Bluefish
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Michael Savedow

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