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June 29th, 2011 Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River Fishing Reports

Extremely humid, sunny and hot days have brought the rain finally. We really did need it here in central Florida and all over the region. With the fresh water being added to the lagoon it has mixed things up some. It has allowed the waters to rise a little and has reduced the salinity levels some. Changes like this work at times to stir it up some. Seems like we are back in the pattern of afternoon showers and very hot days. We welcome you summer time. Stay here all year! Even the winds have been on the side of the guide for a few hours as the sun breaks the horizon. Welcome to Florida fishing.

Redfish have been the subject of topic here. Excellent days of fishing have been dominant and as long as you get an early start there really are no reason not to find fish all over the area. Reds are all over the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River flats. Does not matter if you are fishing the New Smyrna Beach area or the Titusville area, they are present. Sight fishing the flats has been producing the best results. Looking for feeding redfish that are chasing mullet and bait fish is key. The main baits that have been producing great action is the D.O.A. Shallow Runner Bait Buster. Keep this bait on top and a steady retrieve into the path of the fish, without stopping it, you will get a strike or two. The D.O.A. CALS have been the other choice as far as plastics and artificial's along with a D.O.A. shrimp for the black drum. If you can get some fresh lady fish this will work too. Live mullet is always a great choice put onto a circle hook and a nice cast to fish will work as well. As you are casting to the reds just make sure a soft presentation is on the table. As always just take your time and do not rush things. Try to push your boat at all costs. Use your tower to sight the fish and get a game plan before rushing in on top of them. Remember they will scare very easily. These fish get a lot of pressure so be patient. Use your trolling motor to make up distances and in only waters that are deep enough for it. I watch too many people running a trolling motor in 10 inches of water and making enough noise to scare everything within a mile from the prop hitting the surface. Noise out here is a bad thing. Also be sure to give your fellow anglers a very large gap between you and them. If you get to an area that already has a boat or two, look for another one to fish. There is plenty of room out here. Early bird gets the worm.

On a side note I actually was able to get out and do some fishing myself this month. My good friend and colleague Captain Chris and I hit the flats and were able to land several nice redfish. Using fly and artificial's it made for a great day. Hopefully there will be time over the several weeks to get back out here again.

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Oak Hill/New Smyrna Beach Florida

Fish Species: Redfish, Trout
Bait Used: Artificial
Tackle Used: Light
Method Used: Sight Fishing
Water Depth: 25 inches
Water Temperature: 90
Wind Direction: west
Wind Speed: 10
First Redfish
First Redfish

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

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