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Saltwater: Inshore and backcountry areas are producing fairly well despite the cold fronts and bad weather Florida has seen the past few months. It seems that the fish are now noticing the warmer water and are starting to move out to deeper ledges off of the flats and deeper pockets. The Trout and Snook have shown up on the flats and potholes on the flats with the best bites occurring when the tide is incoming. We are still seeing Trout above the slot range and are best caught on jig heads tip with a soft plastic. Our clients and our guides have had the best luck on soft plastics on a 1/8 to a ounce Jig head. Trout are responding well to these baits and mostly natural colors. Start with the lightest weight jig head first and then work up to a heavier one if needed especially if you have lots of wind. Our Redfish bite is still producing well on spinner baits and soft plastics. But you must slow down as they are not chasing down baits as we have seen on the water lately.

The Redfish are found mostly on the cuts and troughs just off of the flats on outgoing tides and they are feeding up on the flats during the incoming tides. Our clients have also caught Redfish well on Texas rigged soft plastics with the hook tip buried for a weed-less approach.

The Snook are a little more predictable as we are seeing them on points and shorelines on sunny days and good incoming tides. We have seen Snook in the slot range and above and the best catches of Snook falling to weightless and weed-less rigs. Snook have a hard time tolerating cold water temps and have found stable water temps in deeper canals and back country areas. But if you have not heard we have had a TERRIBLE fish kill with all the cold weather we have seen the past few months. Because of this Snook seasons are closed this year. I hope and support them closing it till we see the proper numbers Snook again. They are a delicate resource and must be approached that way. As the weather continues to warm up we will see them out on the flats and in potholes a little more. Our clients have been blessed with large boils of jacks in the canal systems and bluefish out on some of our flats in the Pine Island and Matlacha waters. Tarpon are finally making a appearance as we are starting to see them more. We have seen many pods rolling in the canal systems. Our clients have jumped Tarpon several times this month but have only had a few get to the boat. The month of May should give way to finding and catching these elusive creatures as our waters continue to warm up. As the summer months kick in higher temperatures we will have Tarpon daisy chaining along our beaches and in the passes. I can't wait!!!

Freshwater: Largemouth Bass are seen on the beds now in lots of the area canals, the spawning cycle is now starting. In May I expect to see Bass still on beds and at the tail end of the spawn as most of the fish started fanning out their beds a little later than past years. We have had a weird season of weather and cold fronts. I do believe this will extend the traditional spawning time frames. Please if sight fishing for bedding Bass please practice C.P.R. (Catch, Photo and Release). These bigger females are the only insurance that the gene pool will stay strong and provide successful spawns each and every year. Keep in mind not all the Bass will spawn at the same time. You will find that during the spawning cycle of the largemouth Bass on most bodies of water, that not all the Bass will go to spawn and the ones that do will do it at different times of the year. I know most anglers heard that spawning is usually in the early and late spring time, but I have witnessed Bass on beds and spawning as late as June and as early as January on different bodies of water. I figure that is due to water temperatures, locations and the previous month's food availability. If you must take a Largemouth Bass home for the table take only, take the 2 to 3 pound fish home. Not only are they tastier and less gamey in flavor, but this practice will provide bigger and more trophy sized fish in your waters year after year.

Kayak Charters has seen the most success for Largemouth Bass this month on crank baits and soft plastics. Gary Yamamoto soft plastics such as the Senko, Creature baits, And their new Phenix Jigs have all been producing very well but must be fished slow on warmer days. The best colors for April and May will be natural colors like watermelon and pumpkin color combinations if fishing clear water like we have had here in southwest Florida. You can find stained and muddy water on wind-blown points and flats. When faced with color in the water we go with more visible colors like chartreuse, white and black or dark colors. I also like to use lures that will produce a lot of vibration in stained or muddy water as this helps the bass locate the lure easier. Chatter baits and spinner baits fit this niche well.

The Sebile Magic Swimmer hard baits are catching fish like crazy the actions are tremendous. We will cover more on this and some great new info on Quantum's Saltwater Cabo series reels in next month's report.

We look forward to bringing you news, tackle techniques and reports for the Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Pine Island and Matlacha areas next month. Please visit to see our website and how our clients have been doing and the latest testimonials on the services we provide. We are now offering Club Memberships and lots of new programs added in 2010. We have some of the most affordable rates in the world for what we provide. You will fish with a Professional Angler with over thirty years of experience and a Professional Kayak Fisherman and kayaker with over 20 years of experience. I am a fishing and kayak fishing instructor, author and pro staff for some the world's top fishing and kayak companies in the world. Call 239-425-7823 and or e-mail and book your trip today.

Ocean Kayak Pro Staff Optima Batteries Pro Staff - Gary Yamamoto Pro Staff Skwoosh Pro Staff and Seat Designer Aqua Skinz Pro Staff Ram Mounts Pro Staff Daiichi and X-point Hooks Quantum Power Pro Lamiglas Pro Staff.

Fish Species: Largemouth Bass, RedFish, Snook, Trout, Tarpon
Bait Used: Soft Platics and Hard Baits
Tackle Used: Quantum Reels, Lamiglas Rods, Power Pro Line
Method Used: Kayak Fishing
Water Depth: 3- 15
Water Temperature: @58
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed: 10 to 20 knots - Heavy winds
One of our Saltwater fishing clients with his first Sea Trout!
One of our Saltwater fishing clients with his first Sea Trout!

One our Diamond Club Members with his best Redfish.
One our Diamond Club Members with his best Redfish.

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Dominick Greco

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