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Browse Recent Lafitte Louisiana Fishing Reports

Lafitte Report - Weekend Forecast by Kevin Plaisance (4/16/2010)
Fishing is Lafitte is getting better by the day.
Redfish in the Gulf of Mexico by Scott Poche (11/17/2009)
Schooling Redfish in the Gulf Of Mexico.
Sidney and Ronnie's Redfish trip in Lafitte by Scott Poche (8/13/2009)
A great day catching Redfish in Lafitte, LA.
A Great Day in Lafitte Fishing For Redfish On Little Lake and Turtle Bay by Scott Poche (8/07/2009)
A great day fishing Redfish in the marshes in the Lafitte, Louisiana area.
Better Results today. Weekend looking good. by Kevin Plaisance (7/24/2009)
Fishing picked back up this morning. Flat Calm, clear water, and nice temps.
Another Rainy morning, another limit of fish by Kevin Plaisance (7/17/2009)
Rainy morning on the bayou, but my crew still managed to go their share of catching.
Wet and Rainy Morning, Still produces 20 fish limit by Kevin Plaisance (7/16/2009)
Slow in the morning, but bite picked up around 9 or so.
Just another day at the office by Kevin Plaisance (7/15/2009)
Fishing was fast, fast, fast this morning! Limits hit the ice chest in short order.
ANOTHER LAFITTE SUCCESS by Scott Poche (7/06/2009)
Once again, another great day on the water in Lafitte!
4th of July Redfish & Speckled Trout Excitement in Lafitte by Scott Poche (7/06/2009)
Lots of Action in Lafitte this 4th of July weekend!
A Great Father's Day in Lafitte, LA by Scott Poche (7/01/2009)
Father's day proved itself as a great day to catch some beautiful Reds!
Great Redfish Action in Lafitte, LA. by Scott Poche (6/23/2009)
Beautiful Redfish caught in Lafitte, LA
We landed these beauties out of Lafitte. What a catch!!
BEAUTIFUL REDS IN LAFITTE by Scott Poche (6/14/2009)
A Perfect Speckled Trout Day in Lafitte by Scott Poche (6/13/2009)
Another Fantastic Day of Fishing in Lafitte, LA by Kevin Plaisance (5/21/2009)
Redfish are in huge schools on the surface. Catching them is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.
May Coldfront Redfish by Scott Poche (5/20/2009)
Catching Redfish with the wind blowing 20mph after a coldfront in May.
Fishing is back on in Lafitte by Kevin Plaisance (3/13/2008)
After a couple days or rough weather, the bite has picked up where it left off before the front.
Tough Weekend in Lafitte by Kevin Plaisance (3/10/2008)
2 Good days and 1 bad day round out this weekend. Cold front pushed through late Friday and the conditions were less than favorable. Is it summer yet?
Trout were HOT again today! by Kevin Plaisance (3/07/2008)
Easy limits this morning, this weekend will probably be tough with this front passing through.
TROUT SLAM IN LAFITTE by Kevin Plaisance (3/06/2008)
Trout were on fires this morning down in Lafitte. 3 Boats out, with Easy Limits coming early
Lafitte, LA - Fishing as good as it gets! by Kevin Plaisance (10/12/2007)
Redfishing are commiting suicide down south!
Trout bite good, reds great by Kevin Plaisance (10/03/2007)
The trout and redfish bite in the Lafitte area has been really good of late. Eventhough the winds the last several days have been strong, and little patience and effort can put a nice box together quickly.
Delacroix Report Fishing Out In Breton Sound by Jeff Dauzat (6/22/2007)
Beautiful day of fishing out in Breton Sound.
Vicious Redfish Bite Continues by Kevin Plaisance (5/03/2007)
April Winds, bring May Redfish! Fish are stacked up right now on the banks of the areas bays.
Bass Fishing in South Louisiana by Kevin Plaisance (2/26/2007)
Bass are beginning their pre-spawn activity now, and with 2-3 days of warm weather, the fishing is great and the water is crystal clear.
Cold Fishing In Lafitte by Kevin Plaisance (2/19/2007)
Fishing in the cold is miserable, Come on SUMMER!