Friday some really brutal weather here. Heavy rains, thunder and lightning, not what one would consider a good day for bass fishing. Well we ventured off to check out water levels anyways. Figured if the lightning stopped we would fish in the rain and see what would happen. Things worked out perfect for us. We hit the boat ramp just before 9am and the rain had stopped.

Water levels on Lake Jackson are still down, but with the rains this past week it has kept it steady and very fishable. We opted for fishing the flats and look for spawning bass. Bass beds were scattered all over the place but we really could not see much on them as the waters were muddied up from all the rain.

Spinner baits had tagged a few good bass here and there to help keep a steady bite going, but the bait of choice today was definitely the Zoom Brush Hog. We not only got some good numbers, 16 bass for just a few hours of checking things out, but nailed three very nice bass as well.

For the most part the bite was really soft, watching your line was very important. Most the bass caught were in very shallow waters with Kissimmee grass and lily pads close together. Bass caught on the spinner baits were in the lily pads, casting them to the wind blown side of the pads and working them right thru the lily pads would trigger a strike.

The Kissimmee Chain has been fishing very good this year and with the spawn starting to kick in things can only get better. Weather has been pretty steady this year, with two days of cooler temperatures and then the typical warm up, it is definitely not like it was this time last year.

Fish Species: Largemouth bass
Bait Used: zoom brush hogs
Tackle Used: bait casters
Method Used:
Water Depth: 2 foot or less
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
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Florida Bass Fishing Guides

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