The end of March had seen some very good bass fishing action. With several days of higher winds, we opted to hit Butler Chain, which gave us 12 lakes to pick from, with plenty of cover from the winds. Most trips out there had been all artificial bait trips, with spinner baits, buzz baits and senko type baits being the best producing lures.

We had a lot of very good action on Lake Sheen, grass beds had been good producers, but for those who wanted some steady action, secondary grass beds were the big key to catching bass. Slow rolled spinner baits thru these areas were very good with some solid and aggressive strikes. Lake Pocket was also holding some good bass, mostly around the docks, where we would skip a wacky rig all the way under them.

The mouth of the canal to Lake Blanche had a few bass beds right along the shoreline, with a few scattered bass on them, and after tossing everything but the kitchen sink at them, including a wild shiner, these bass wanted nothing to do with our offerings, so we moved into the main lake, where once again it was the secondary grass beds, with a good mixture of hydrilla where the bass were holding tight to.

A couple trips to Lake Toho also produced some good action. Most of our time on Lake Toho has been spent in Gobblets Cove and in Friars Cove. Beds were scattered all over the place, with nothing on them, but the females were cruising the areas and very finicky with the bite. Trick worms and blade baits were great for some very good catching, and keeping the bite steady during the day. Running spinner baits thru the thinner areas of lily pads also produced some quality bass. Waters are warming up very nicely now, and we are seeing a lot of bait fish bunching up, which has been giving way to some very good schooling activity. Its top water time folks!!

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Fish Species: largemouth bass
Bait Used:
Tackle Used: deep south fishing rods
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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