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Browse Recent Lay Lake Alabama Fishing Reports

Severe Cold Front Stalls Alabama Bass by Reed Montgomery (1/29/2014)
When night time highs dip below the "teens" here in Alabama (6 degrees!) and daytime highs do not even reach 40 degrees its time to stay home!
Lay Lake's Late Summer Topwater Bass by Reed Montgomery (8/27/2010)
With water temps dropping from the mid-90's to upper-80's Lay lake's shallow water bass will now nail a topwater lure! Dawn is the best time for the bigger bass!
Lay Lake 2010 Bassmaster Classic update by Reed Montgomery (1/26/2010)
The 2010 Bassmaster Classic is less than one month away! 51 Classic contenders are all hoping for fair weather!
Lay Lake Feb. 2010 Bassmaster Classic Update by Reed Montgomery (1/02/2010)
Severe Cold Front this weekend and all next week. Lows in the mid-teens and highs in the mid-30's to low 40's.
Bass are shallow on Lay Lake by Reed Montgomery (4/14/2009)
Both largemouth bass and Coosa River spotted bass can be found in shallow water for the next 6 weeks. Some of the years biggest bass!
Lake Lake Spring Bass Fishing by Reed Montgomery (4/14/2009)
Both largemouth bass and the Coosa River spotted bass are in shallow water bedding for the Spring spawn! Cloudy, overcast weather this week shows anglers fooling some big bass, many being taken in water 1 foot deep!
FALL FISHING LAY LAKE by Reed Montgomery (9/25/2007)
ts a Lake that's been around a long, long time. As a matter of fact (unknown to many anglers) Lay Lake will be 100 years old soon (Impounded 1914) in the year 2014. Lay Lake is over 50 miles in...
Coosa River and Lay Lake Fishing by Reed Montgomery (6/22/2007)
It was in the late 60's when I first wet a hook, on Alabama's Lay Lake. Unknown to me at the time, the lake had just been re-impounded in the early 60's, raising the lakes water level another 16 feet.
Lay Lake 2007 37th Annual Bassmasters Classic Tournament by Reed Montgomery (2/16/2007)
A full field consisting of 50 of the worlds best bass anglers will compete for three days of stiff competition, starting one week from today (February 16 ), on Alabama's Lay Lake in the 37th Annual Bassmasters Classic.
Lay Lake Fishing The 2007 Bassmasters Classic by Reed Montgomery (12/04/2006)
Winter on Lay Lake and the 2007 Bassmasters Classic. Somehow that just does not sound right. Maybe because in the years past the mere mention of the world famous, " Bassmasters Classic " always brought to mind tough, summertime fishing conditions for competition among the world's best bass anglers. Well, for those of you have not heard, the new dates for the Bassmasters Classic have now been changed to earlier in the year. Much earlier in 2007