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The fishing the past week or so has been actually really good despite the high winds and low water. With low waters and steady even temps outside the fish have been on a regular pattern. Watch and learn these patterns and you can apply this to seek them out. With this you will become successful at landing them. Knowing is half the battle.

Redfish have been moving all over the Mosquito Lagoon. I have heard of reports of great catches on the north, south and middle portions. As well as awesome catches in the Indian River too. There are no one specific hot spots out there. The hot spot, as always over here, is the entire Mosquito Lagoon. Look for reds along flats with access to deeper water lines. The fish like an escape to say to deeper protective waters. However their nature is skinny. Some schools I have witnessed are as many as a couple of hundred redfish in them. I have also seen trailing behind these schools very large trout.

As the schools move you have to try and anticipate where and when they are going to move...Like a SAM. Surface to air missile but a shrimp to redfish mouth. I like to cast well in front of the fish and adjust the reel in to meet them. Land on top of them and they are gone. Once the school is spooked they are up and gone for the moment. Wait a bit and see what happens. It is best to use a push pole as for this will not spook the fish and will allow you are far much better approach on them in these winter waters. The trout I have noticed are following some of these schools and cleaning up the pieces and ambushing the bait fish in their wake. A few of the trout have been in the 5-7lb class.

Get along some nice banks, where water depths allow you,(remember the water levels are LOW)and you will pursue tailing reds and awesome trout. Look for signs of activity. Bait fish, birds feeding, light in the right position...etc. With the clear water approach them with extreme stealth. As always when going after reds...take your time. A precisely placed shrimp will get there attention. Gulps have been landing a few exceptionally nice reds and trout as well.

As the last of these fronts move in and out the fishing on the Mosquito Lagoon will take off on a spring ward then summer bound adventure. So look for the fishing to just keep getting better and better.

Tight Lines!

See You On The Water,

Captain Drew Cavanaugh

Florida Inshore Fishing Charters



Oak Hill/Edgewater-Florida

Fish Species: Reds/Redfish/Red Drum/Trout
Bait Used: Shrimp/Gulps/Imitation Crab
Tackle Used: Light Tackle
Method Used: Sight Fish
Water Depth: 12-24 inches
Water Temperature: 60's
Wind Direction: NE
Wind Speed: 10-15
Sweet Mosquito Lagoon Redfish!
Sweet Mosquito Lagoon Redfish!

Mosquito Lagoon Trout!
Mosquito Lagoon Trout!

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