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The past several weeks have been very windy here along the east coast of Florida well in Florida in general. Winds have been shifting from one way to another without any warning from any one. On days when you are able to enjoy yourself and get away from protected waters fish are being picky. This is the time of year you must explore the waters you are fishing and use all of the patience you have stored inside you. The fish are always there and eat just like we do. You just need to locate them. Fish that one day that are in one certain spot the very next day may be 100 feet away totally hidden. A kinda transition phase right now.

Redfish(red drum) are moving into shallow bodies to feed and then are picking up at any given time and just moving. At times you think the mother ship has just taken them all. Patterns of these fish have been erratic but you are being able to land them by watching there habits closely. Most of the fish are being caught and seen near shallow water with some kind of deeper water near them. Escape routes to say for them. These fish do not like to be trapped some where they can not get out of. Best baits for them for sight fishing would be a live shrimp presented to them very softly. The other go to bait would be a beautiful blue crab freshly hand caught. As always do not rush this. All it takes is a pin to drop in your boat and these fish are gone. They can not only hear you from a distance but can feel you too. Live mullet can be very productive for distance fishing. Freeline them along shallow water with nice white holes. Remember ambush points. Gulps and topwaters have produced numerous hits and lands as well. Topwater is being most effective at daylight as the reds feed along banks at bait fish. Then fish will move onto flats.

Trout are starting to move in at full force. Big trout(seatrout) are mostly secluding themselves in extremely shallow and protected waters. When you see them and they see you you will know. They will do that trout escape dance. As in - zig zag zig zag then left right then zig zag zig zag again then gone! You all have seen this. Early morning topwater works well. watch for crashing bait along banks and ares where mullet are being seen. Then switch to either live mullet along white holes or a well placed shrimp to a fish will produce strikes as well as the day progresses. As always try to release these fish as with all fish with caution and safe handling.

As summer time weather patterns approach and water levels rise fish will start to be normal residents in certain areas. More and more mullet will start to move in with this transition phase and bring the eaters with them. As always fish areas that have the signs...Bait fish, birds feeding, activity and just in general - action or movement. I look forward to seeing you out there on the water.

Tight Lines!

Captain Drew Cavanaugh


Fish Species: Redfish/Trout
Bait Used: Live Shrimp/Artificial/Mullet
Tackle Used: Light Tackle - Fly - Spin
Method Used: Sight Fish and Free line
Water Depth: 12-18 inches
Water Temperature: 78
Wind Direction: All
Wind Speed: 5-25
First Mosquito Lagoon Redfish!
First Mosquito Lagoon Redfish!

Father and Son had a great day!
Father and Son had a great day!

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Drew Cavanaugh

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