2016 ended like it started with excellent tailing redfish action on the shallow flats. Schools of fish may hold from 10-200 and can be found throughout the lagoon system. if you can find them, this is some of the easiest fishing we have to offer.Accurate casts are rewarded with a nearly instantaneous bite. I like to use the 3" DOA CAL lure on a jighead or the 2.5" DOA shrim. These soft plastics will cast a long distance, never fly off the hook like natural baits, and can catch multiple fish in a row. 10lb braided line and a medium action rod will allow you to stay back away from the school and get more shots without spooking the fish. If they do spook, remain quiet for a few minutes and they will often pop up again nearby.

While casting to these schools, don't be surprised if a large seatrout grabs your lure the second it hits the water. They often shadow these schools and are lightning fast.

Black drum can be found in schools tailing as well. they are usually much more picky than the redfish and a live or dead shrimp on the bottom will get more bites. Look for large patches of mud they create as they feed.

Fish Species: Redfish, seatrout, black drum
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth: >2ft
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
This big redfsih was in 2ft of water
This big redfsih was in 2ft of water

Another big Mosquito Lagoon seatrout
Another big Mosquito Lagoon seatrout

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Area Reporting: Mosquito Lagoon

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