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February 2nd, 2011 Mosquito Lagoon Flats Fishing Reports

Several weeks of great fishing has been and will continue to be among us. Extremely beautiful days in central Florida for sure.Redfish The weather here in Florida is by far the best it has been in some time. Sunny days, warm waters, optimal air temperatures and very hungry fish are leading to days of non-stop action. Redfish, trout and black drum have been the staple of the Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River and the back country waters of the New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater areas. Fish in the 5 to 15 pound range are of the average size.

As the sun breaks the horizon red fishMosquito Lagoon Redfish have been just out of control on the flats. They are doing headstands in feeding frenzies as they are chowing down on shrimp and crabs in the shallow grass flats. A very large shrimp run, along with the full moon we had, has just occurred here in the Oak Hill area which is contributing to the diet of them. Several baits will work however while fishing. Among them are a well placed soft presentation of a live shrimp on a 2/0 or 3/0 circle hook with a 15lb. fluorocarbon leader at 18 inches or so long, a D.O.A. 3" Nite-Glow shrimp or a small live blue crab around the size of a fifty cent piece. As always a key to flats fishing here in Florida and especially on the Mosquito Lagoon is stealth and patience. Just take your time and do not rush things. Be sure as you make casts, work towards your targets or just exploring areas to limit the sounds, movements and commotion on board your boat. It will improve your catch rate. Try, if you are able, to pole your boat always into position. Remember sun at your back and in their face.Red Drum Fish can hear the sound of a trolling motor from large distances so try to use it to make up time before you get into poling range. Also be sure to give anglers around you a very wide berth. Again 500-800 feet is a good starting point and not that much on the water.

Trout and black drum are also being caught in good numbers all over the Mosquito Lagoon and the flats of the Indian River.Flats Fishing Large gator trout are all over the back country secluded grass flats seeking mullet out and other food sources. Be wary of them because they are aware of you. Always take that extra step when targeting big trout. Soft plastics across sand holes will entice an awaiting trout at ambush points. Black drum can be seen and caught on the flats using either a very small blue crab or a live shrimp on a 2/0 circle hook. Again please be sure to handle all of your fish very cautiously for a higher survival rate upon release. Be safe out there with the low waters too. Have fun and great days of fishing to you.

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Fish Species: Redfish
Bait Used: Live/Fly/Artificial
Tackle Used: Light Tackle/Fly Fishing
Method Used: Sight Fishing
Water Depth: 2 feet
Water Temperature: 55
Wind Direction: North
Wind Speed: 5-15

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