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Sandy Hook Stripers Starting April 2013 by Carl Dimenna (3/21/2013)
Getting ready to Start the 2013 Raritan Bay Spring Striper Run!!!!!!
Season to Begin April 13th by Bob Morrell (3/16/2013)
WE hope to find everyone recovering from "Sandy", our season is set to begin April 13th
Jersey Guide Still Bangin Bass by Paul Eidman (12/10/2012)
Hot Bite Going on, fog or no fog, these bass are filling up on sandeels, and
False Albacore Going Off by Paul Eidman (9/24/2012)
Albies under birds daily now, a bit of a delayed start inshore this season
8/26 Kurtz Charter-Charlies catches fish of his Life by Bob Morrell (8/26/2012)
Hard and tough conditions all day did not stop 83 year young Charlie from boating the FLuke of his life
8/23 Merrill Lynch Crew Score on Fluke/Sea Bass by Bob Morrell (8/23/2012)
Boys battled through shorts, sticky bottom and trash fish to put a good catch in the box
8/19 Heller Brothers Boat Fluke to 6 lbs by Bob Morrell (8/19/2012)
Boys battled, shorts and Sea Robbins to box a respectable catch of FLuke
the nick clemente party by Joe Romaniello (8/19/2012)
another good day of fluking with this fine bunch of anglers, great weathewr excellent drifting conditions.
the serhiy moshak party by Joe Romaniello (8/17/2012)
this group of anglers fished hard and enjoyed a fine day with the fluke
8/15 3 Generations of Singer Family Fishing by Bob Morrell (8/16/2012)
Boys caught Fluke, Sea Bass, Porgies, Blues and battled mother nature
8/14 Fluking with US Naval Academy Mid-Shipman & Family by Bob Morrell (8/14/2012)
Folks put some good fish in the box early, tided dropped out and so did the bite
the lenny kutner party by Joe Romaniello (8/13/2012)
an extremely fast drift didn't stop this group of anglers from fishing hard and catching the fluke
the gary heimberg party by Joe Romaniello (8/05/2012)
this group of anglers fished hard yesterday mroning and had fun with the fluke
the michael sheenan party by Joe Romaniello (7/29/2012)
strong windy conditions yesterday morning greeted these anglers who fished hard the entire trip.
the paul walsh party by Joe Romaniello (7/26/2012)
the early morning storm did not stop this fine bunch of anglers from fishing hard.
the nick clemente party by Joe Romaniello (7/22/2012)
a great day with the weather turned out great for the fishing as well this group had action right from the start.
the john mc nulty party by Joe Romaniello (7/18/2012)
hazy hot and humid conditions for this group of anglers today inspite of the weather the anglers hung in there and caught some nice fish.
7/16 Schueman Morning Fluking by Bob Morrell (7/16/2012)
The boys did great today for their fisrt ever salt water trip, boxed some nice Flatties
7/14 Jobson Charter Boxes Fluke to 5 lbs by Bob Morrell (7/14/2012)
Sticky bottom and boys lost some rigs, but they picked out some quality FLuke
7/13 Fishman Charter Score Fluke to 6 1/2 lbs by Bob Morrell (7/13/2012)
Great day on the water with a wonderful family, Fluke to 6 1/2 lbs flew into the box
7/8 Madison's Birthday Flukin by Bob Morrell (7/08/2012)
Great DAy and The FLuke were Hungrey. The guys and gals boated some nice fish
7/7 MacMillian Charter by Bob Morrell (7/07/2012)
Sarah and Chris hooked up with Fluke-Sea Bass and Ling. Great day for a pair of fisrt timers
7/5 Vacarelli Charter by Bob Morrell (7/05/2012)
Boys fished a 1/2 Day afternoon charter. Hooked fish but keepers were few and far between
the jason winger party by Joe Romaniello (7/03/2012)
hot and humid day today did not stop this bunch of anglers from scoring big with the fluke
the joe belot party by Joe Romaniello (7/02/2012)
it was fun to watch this young group of anglers stay at the rail and fish hard the entire trip
the mr alex charter by Joe Romaniello (7/01/2012)
a good weather day but it did get hot not that much action for this group of anlers.
Fluke fishing improving by Karl McKenna (7/01/2012)
Fluke fishing is starting to inprove more each week.
the steve spina party by Joe Romaniello (6/30/2012)
a hot day with the weather did not deter this bunch of anglers from getting action with the fluke
6/29 Evening Fluke-Striper Trip by Bob Morrell (6/30/2012)
Dr Gene and son Aaron were out for a great evening of fishing. Targeting Fluke then Stripers
the rich jasnowitz party by Joe Romaniello (6/24/2012)
a great weather day for this group who fished hard the entire trip.
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