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Fishermen Crew trip to start the season!! by Ron Santee (3/31/2012)
Very nice crew trip to start the season. Striped bass up to 15 pounds.
Fishermen Crew trip to start the season!! by Ron Santee (3/30/2012)
Wanted to do some searching and fishing today with the crew before the mad rush begins.....Glad we did, had a beautifull day out there!!
3/29 Stripers Are Here and Hungrey by Bob Morrell (3/29/2012)
Good size Bass are in Raritan/Sandy Hook Bays and they are hunngrey
3/21 Fishermans Rally in Wash DC by Bob Morrell (3/21/2012)
Many gathered from all over the Country to fight for our Fishery
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All. by Bob Morrell (12/11/2011)
Our Season has ended and what a good one it was. See you in April 2012
10/22 Slow Day Bassing by Bob Morrell (10/22/2011)
Spirits were high but the fish were not hungrey
10/9 Bottom Fishing With The Brinks by Bob Morrell (10/09/2011)
Great Day on the Water Tog and Pogys were biting.
10/8 Crawford Family Bottom Fish Bonanza by Bob Morrell (10/08/2011)
The family filled the fish box with there bottom fish bounty
FISHERMEN/Fishing report for 10/3/11 by Ron Santee (10/03/2011)
Finally a shot of colder weather gets the Stripers to bite!!
9/25 Went Bassing but Sand the Blues by Bob Morrell (9/25/2011)
Gave it 110 per cent, Boys bailed in the Blues but no keeper Bass
9/17 Fishing Bonanza by Bob Morrell (9/18/2011)
Started the day hooking up on stripers, then switched over to a bottom fishing gala
Blues and Bass 9/17 3 to 9pm by Carmine Monaco (9/18/2011)
Had George Aulurda and hes son Ty and Friends.Bill, Sam, Fred, and Tim
Lucky Carm by Carmine Monaco (9/13/2011)
Had the Jim Renninels party for night bluefishing
FISHERMEN/Fishing report for 8/24/11 by Ron Santee (8/24/2011)
Found some nice fish in the ocean today after a little searching and having to leave the channels.
8/23 Father and Sons Battle the Fluke by Bob Morrell (8/23/2011)
Dave and his son Spencer9 and Griffin 10 did Battle with the Flatties, boxing nice fish
April Ann Charters Fluking by Eddie Coleman (8/22/2011)
Another good day with the fluke, Fishing the deep water has paid off.
the don smaglio party by Joe Romaniello (8/21/2011)
our best fluke trip of this season with a very good group of anglers.
8/20 Specht Family Fluking by Bob Morrell (8/20/2011)
4 Novices took on the Mighty Fluke and won. Poles bent all day
the john frankel party by Joe Romaniello (8/19/2011)
a warm weather day a very good group of anglers who had fun the the fluke
FISHERMEN/Excellaent ocean fishing 8/19/11 by Ron Santee (8/19/2011)
Another very good fishing day for those who came out. Weatherman is killing us this year!!
FISHERMEN/Good ocean fishing 8/18/11 by Ron Santee (8/18/2011)
Another good day in the deep on quality size Fluke! Pool fish went 6 1/2 pounds...
8/17 Afternoon of Fluking with the Dixon Charter by Bob Morrell (8/17/2011)
Novices to FLuking had a good pull of fish, in not great conditions
FISHERMEN/Good ocean fishing 8/17/11 by Ron Santee (8/17/2011)
Good deep water fishing once again! I must have died and went to Fluke heaven!!!
FISHERMEN/Fishing report for 8/16/11 by Ron Santee (8/16/2011)
Very nice Ocean fishing today after 5 inches of rain and two days at the dock!!!
Big Fluke Today 12.14 pounds! by Eddie Coleman (8/15/2011)
1st drift and April nails our biggest fluke ever a solids 12 pound 14 ounce beauty!
the robert rusnack party by Joe Romaniello (8/13/2011)
a very warm day on the water didn't bother this group of anglers from getting on the fluke.
FISHERMEN/Good Ocean Fishing 811/11 by Ron Santee (8/11/2011)
Quality fish out in the deep once again today. Pool Fish 7 pounds, second place 6.10...
Fishermen/Double digit Fluke today! 8/9/11 by Ron Santee (8/09/2011)
Ocean fishing once again today, catching the big ones!
FISHERMEN/Ocean Fishing report 8/8/11 by Ron Santee (8/08/2011)
After a couple very tough days in the bay, it was back out to the ocean in search of the Fluke!!
Fishermen/Crap weekend report 8/7/11 by Ron Santee (8/07/2011)
Very tough Fishing the past few days with a swell that makes it all the way too the back bay!!
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