Fishing Reports by Captain Eddie Coleman

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Company: April Ann Charters

Area Reporting: Raritan Bay/Sandyhook

Bio: I've been fishing raritan bay for close to 40 years, I am currently running a 29'Baha Cruiser that I will be taking 1-4 passengers on. If the weather cooperates we will be running starting mid-April.

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April Ann Charters Fluking (8/22/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Another good day with the fluke, Fishing the deep water has paid off.
Big Fluke Today 12.14 pounds! (8/15/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] 1st drift and April nails our biggest fluke ever a solids 12 pound 14 ounce beauty!
Alot of fish just out of season! (5/23/2011)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Headed to the ling grounds on Saturday and was hoping for a big day. Loaded up with some nice ling.
Singing the Blues (5/16/2011)
[Keyport,NJ] Started off the day right with a live well full of bunker had high hopes on the day.
Great Bottom Fishing (10/27/2010)
[Keyport,NJ] Excellent bottom fishing some of the best tog fishing in years and all the jumbo porgies you wanted even added a nice size Cod to the catch.
Plans Foiled (7/06/2010)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Got together with the guys for a shark trip that didn't pan out.
April Ann Charters (7/03/2010)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] We had just about as close to a repeat of the day before as you can get but we added a few sea bass to the catch.
April Ann Mixed Bag (7/02/2010)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Finally up and running after a tough start to the season, Found a few nice fish mixed in with a ton of shorts.
Raritan Bay at it's Finest! (4/19/2010)
[Keyport,NJ] Decided to fish with a friend the goal was to get his daughter her first striper!
Fishing Raritan Bay NJ 2010 season (3/10/2010)
[Keyport,NJ] We are now booking trips for the upcoming season call and book now.
Good Toggin Sunday (11/23/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Joined my good friend and had a nice day toggin under tough conditions.
Excellent Tog Fishing (11/11/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Since we had to pull the April Ann out of the water early so the marina can perform dredging we still managed to fish.
April Ann Bass Fishing (10/27/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] We managed to get in a few hours before the wind picked up and made us call it a day.
April Ann Charters 10/4 Report (10/08/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Good day of bottom action everyone went home with a few meals.
Looking for weakies Raritan Bay (9/08/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] We went looking for weakfish on Saturday with out much luck.
Fluke FIshing Trip Sandy Hook NJ (9/08/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Headed out for an afternoon trip hoping to end the season strong but we only managed a few keepers.
Dock fishing at it's best (8/21/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Went down to clean the boat and had 1-2 pound blues break all over the place.
Better Fluking Today (8/17/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Got invited to fish in a tournament and couldn't say no!
April Ann Charters- Aug 15 (8/17/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Good day Fluking out in the deep water it was a good solid bite.
April Ann Charters- Weakfish Search (8/17/2009)
[Atlantic City,NJ] Fueled up the boat and went searching for signs of weakies.
April Ann Charters 8/1 (8/03/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] It took a lot of work to put a catch together but the crew pulled through with 8 nice fluke.
April Ann Charters (7/27/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] April caught her limit in under an hour! Fishing was tough but she had the hot hand today.
April Ann Charters (7/18/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Fished Friday & Saturday and picked up some nice keeper fluke fishing the deep water.
April Ann Charters (7/13/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Had a great group from for only a few hours and luckily the fish cooperated.
April Ann Charters (7/04/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Headed back to yesterdays spot and the action continued.
April Ann Charters (7/04/2009)
[Raritan Bay,NJ] We headed out to some sticky grounds and started buck tailing with good results.
April Ann Charters (6/28/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] After working overseas for almost a month we were finally able to get out for fluke.
Big Bluefish In Raritan Bay (5/31/2009)
[Raritan Bay,NJ] Ran from the back of Raritan bay to Romer with only big blues to show for our efforts.
April Ann (5/30/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Had Leanne, Susan, Daisey and Alicia gave bass a shot but the blues were to tough!
April Ann Charters (5/25/2009)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] With no charter scheduled my mate Dave and I hoped on his boat for a good day of bottom fishing.
April Ann (5/23/2009)
[Raritan Bay,NJ] All we needed was another hour of incoming time and it could have been a banner day!
April Ann Charters (5/16/2009)
[Raritan Bay,NJ] Had out the Doug Richardson bachlor party for a 6 hour trip.
April Ann Friday Report (5/15/2009)
[Raritan Bay,NJ] Headed out early the bay was flat ans as we turned the hook we were greeted with fog and big ground swells.
April Ann Charters (5/09/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Had a nice group of guys from NJ Hunting with the fish cooperated!
April Ann Charters (5/06/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Bluefish got the better of us today. Tried a few different locations all with the same results.
April Ann Bassin (5/04/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Another good day with a few bigger fish, It's getting better by the day!
April Ann (4/26/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] A good day to be on the water and the bass fully cooperated!
April Ann Charters (4/25/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Nice pull of bass today some better size bass have moved into the bay.
April Ann Charters Sunday (4/19/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Today we trolled and added another keeper with a few shorts in the mix.
April Ann Charters Saturday (4/18/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Same results as yesterday hopefully when the bunker return we will also see some bigger bass starting to show up.
April Ann Charters Bassin (4/17/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] Not as good as expected but it held out interest. Hopefully Saturday is much better.
Book your flounder trips now. (2/13/2009)
[Keyport,NJ] We are now taking reservations for the upcoming flounder season.
Season's Over (12/09/2008)
[Keyport,NJ] We completed our 2008 schedule see you next season
April Ann Hangin At The Reef (11/03/2008)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Hope for a mad bite but it wasn't there, We had to work hard for every fish we caught.
April Ann Bass Fishing (10/27/2008)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Easy fishing today, Crack a few clams and wait for the run off.
April Ann Charters (10/17/2008)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Fished under the clam boat for bass no luch so I ran down the reef to bottom fish.
Slow bottom fishing Oct 11th (10/12/2008)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Hit the rough with some friends and it was a slow pick.
Bass Fishing Sandy Hook Slow, So We Porgy Fished (10/06/2008)
[Keyport,NJ] Bass didn't cooperate so we headed to the reef and had all the porgies the guys could handle.
At The Dock (9/22/2008)
[Keyport,NJ] With the weather forecast decided to switch saturdays trip to next week.
April Ann Charters-Nice Mixed Bag (9/14/2008)
[Sandy Hook,NJ] Hit the reef and had steady action with some nice bottom fish.
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