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With the past few weeks going up and then down then back up again in the weather department the fishing has remained pretty great for a few weeks now. Actually it has been awesome. Tailing fish are being caught and Big schools and some smaller ones of redfish are moving all over the lagoon. There really is no one particular hot spot. This is why the Mosquito Lagoon is so great to fish. The key is to find them and fish them. Simple....Well not quite.

The redfish have been getting quite a bit of pressure between beautiful days and the low water the fish have been easy prey. The key is if you spend some time and patience and look around or more so, explore, you will locate several of these elusive schools that have not been targeted yet all over the Mosquito Lagoon. Again the best way to approach these fish are by the push pole method...A little hard work will pay off for you in the long run. When the fish get pressure there is only so much they can take. They will move. Plain and simple. Think like a fish! Now with the weather these next few days dropping some much needed rain things should change big time. The rain will open some new doors to say. Please also remember that water levels as of a day or so ago are very low. Use extreme caution out there and please watch power digging out of shallow waters.

Reds are being landed using methods of sight fishing a live shrimp into them(remember-soft presentation to them) or a gulp if they are really eating and feeding aggressively. Along with the big schools of reds are very nice trout too. This past week a few of my clients landed and released some very nice trout using soft plastics with the sun at our backs. Again, use stealth and patience to get these fish. What's your hurry right? It's fishing, it is supposed to be a pleasurable event. Grass flats can be a great area to look for tails and gator trout. Secluded flats with sand holes will hold nice trout too. Use a slow and go method with water temps in the 50's and 60's and different times.

I look forward to seeing you out there on the water. Happy days and tight lines always!

Captain Drew Cavanaugh

Florida Inshore Fishing Charters


Oak Hill, Florida

Fish Species: Redfish/Trout
Bait Used: Live Shrimp and Gulps!
Tackle Used: Light Tackl/Fly
Method Used: Sight Fish/White Hole
Water Depth: 12-22 inches
Water Temperature: 50-65
Wind Direction: All Over
Wind Speed: 5-15
Nice Mosquito Lagoon Redfish!
Nice Mosquito Lagoon Redfish!

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Drew Cavanaugh

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