James Wiesenberg

1/2 and full day trips experiencing hot days on open waters -still water fly fishing the water column 12-22 ft with slow retrieves. Fully dressed flies imitating local baitfish species with blue and silver tinsel and delayed at the drift boat have been triggering strikes from trophy sized rainbows. Evening hatches have cued the fishing for large browns at depths of 4-6 ft with "start and stop" retrieves. The take in the evening bite usually occurs on the second or third "stop"(delayed retrieve) suggesting the large Brown Trout are following then striking hard to stun/kill their prey. Heavier leaders have increased the number of fish brought to hand.

Bamboo switch and spey fly rod use has supported longer distance casting and increased sensitivity to lightly biting trout. 2-6wt bamboo rods have supported fishing the complete water column.

Gourmet shore lunches and evening fires by summer moonlight continue to celebrate a great day on the water...

Yours on the Drift,

Master Captain James BS, MBA, MMO

Fish Species: Trophy Trout
Bait Used: Unique flies imitating baitfish
Tackle Used: bamboo fly rods, 2-4 wt
Method Used: still water fly fishing techniques
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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James Wiesenberg

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