Drew Cavanaugh

June 21st, 2009

First thing I want to say is Happy Fathers Day to all of the dads out there! Special Happy Fathers Day to my Dad as well!

Let the games begin! Summer time is here. It is hot out too.The fishing is taking on a pattern of the weather - HOT! The fishing the past several weeks has just improved tremendously as time is going by. I see it getting better as it goes on. There have been some days that the bite is awesome at day break and then the days where we are landing fish after fish after fish just before noon time...Go Figure? They eat like we do, at all times of the day. Snacking I would say.

Trout have been the main target at daybreak, take advantage of the low light and cool weather and you will get a few nice ones. Some in the 5-9LB range are being caught using top water early. You will land several smaller fish as well as they are feeding crazy with them in the deeper drop offs. I like the Rapala Skitter Walk in the mullet pattern myself, but most will work. Berkly Gulps are a very good choice if you can keep them away from the little bait eaters. Sight fishing them is getting harder because of the warm water temps push them to cool themselves at good light levels as the sun rises. They are also getting very spooky and aware of the pressure around them. As I have said so many times before approach these fish with caution. Take your time and watch the noise you make. Think of reds and trout like turkey on and in the water. Great sight and excellent hearing. Live mullet free lined along grass beds/sand holes and drop offs will works as well. Try to always handle the larger trout(all fish actually) with extreme care. Releasing them will also payoff in the years to come for more fish to be caught.

Redfish have been very active just after first light as well. Some times it is a toss up; Do I go for reds or trout??? They have been tailing and feeding like lions on the bait fish in skinny skinny water...Just amazing to see these fish sometimes do their thing in such shallow habitat. Several baits will work for them. A softly placed shrimp, a very nice fat juicy mud minnow will send a tailing red into a spin for it - they battle each other for it. Pinfish placed in front of them will excite them. Mullet will work as well, you just can not land the mullet on top of the feeding reds or they will run in fear. It scares them. As the light rises and you are able to get good vision in the water move to shorelines. The fish will be going shallow and sitting still sometimes. Watch sand holes surrounded by grass...Ambush points. No bait fish around - move on. Always try to use your push pole to approach these fish. They will hear your trolling motor and stay ahead of you all day not allowing you to get close. You will get frustrated. I know it is hot out but a little effort on this part will give you so much reward. Don't let the fish win. You will play chase the reds all day. Use your trolling motor to make up long distances and then put it away and pole the final approach, trust me this will pay off. Remember to give other anglers a very wide space between you and them. Early bird gets the worm to say.

I look forward to seeing all of you out there on the water. Tight Lines!

Captain Drew Cavanaugh

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Light Tackle Fishing Guide On The Mosquito Lagoon

Specializing In Fly Or Spin For Redfish and Trout.


Fish The World Famous Mosquito Lagoon - The Redfish Capital Of The World!

Oak Hill - Daytona Beach - New Smyrna Beach - Titusville - Orlando

Fish Species: Reds/ Red Drum/ Channel Bass/ Trout
Bait Used: Live
Tackle Used: Light Tackle/Fly
Method Used: Sight Fish
Water Depth: 12-22 inches
Water Temperature: 80 plus
Wind Direction: south
Wind Speed: 5-10 knots
Top Water Trout - Released Safely
Top Water Trout - Released Safely

Redfish Sight Fished With Shrimp
Redfish Sight Fished With Shrimp

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