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If you're interested in pursuing a Nature Coast Slam there is no better time than right now. With water temps hovering around the upper 70's into the low 80's, a majority of migratory and native fish species are here along the Nature Coast and feeding regularly. During all charters throughout the month of May I have not known what to expect from day to day. One day the Cobia and Redfish Bite is on fire. The next day there could be SeaTrout, Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish swarming the boat. On a few recent charters I have even pursued huge schools of giant Black Drum and Tarpon all within a relative short distance from each other.

The variety of species and the variety of different fishing techniques is what make this time of year so fun for any light tackle angler looking for variety. On most if not all my charters I bring anywhere from 8-10 rods rigged for whatever fishing situation we may come in contact with throughout the day. With little rain in the area sight casting to a majority of species has been the most fun and consistent fishing technique for myself as well as my clients. Regularly we have been sight casting to huge schools of Reds and Trout all ranging in water from 1-3 feet of water. The Black Drum and Tarpon fishing has been just as fun when the skies stay sunny, giving us an opportunity to see these huge schools of roaming fish coming from a distance.

On a few of my recent chartes I have been spoiling my clients with tons of Redfish, Seatrout, and Cobia. Jay and Nancy Allen of Leesburg, Florida fish three times a month with me and during there recent stay in May they were spoiled with a variety of fish and fishing opportunities for their week. Day one we pursued Cobia and Grouper along some of the local area structure. The first spot we hit we had 8 Cobia hook-ups only landing 4, but one was a keeper. The other 4 that got away were estimated at 50lbs+. Besides the Cobia we also managed to land a few dozen Spanish Mackerel and a couple of Grouper. Day two was a little trickier as we decided to pursue Redfish with a 25 mph west wind. Needless to say these are not the best conditions but we did managed to land a dozen or so ranging from 22-27 inches. Day 3 was just a successful as the 2 days prior only this time we decided to pursue Seatrout but instead were rewarded with a school of bluefish and grouper. In two feet of water it is a true sight to see when you have over 40-50 blues chasing your spoon only to have a huge grouper come completely out of the water and inhale your bait and bluefish.

The fishing is Red Hot right now. If your interested in getting in on some of Florida's best inshore-light tackle fishing give Red Hot Fishing Charters a call today were in the fishing memories business.

Capt. Kyle Messier

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Fish Species: Redfsih, Seatrout, Cobia, Grouper
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Kyle Messier

About The Author: Captain Kyle Messier

Company: Reel Florida Fishing Charters

Area Reporting: Crystal River and Homosassa

Bio: Capt. Kyle Messier is a full-time professional fishing guide with over 15 years experience fishing the inshore and offshore waters of Florida. Capt. Kyle\'s home waters off the world famous Crystal River and Homosassa area produce a number of speices including Redfish, Speckled Trout, Tripltail, Shark, Black Drum, and Largemouth Bass. Inshore light tackle fishing is his specialty, but as long as an area is wet he can figure out a way to catch fish in it.

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