Topwater Actions Continues At Stick Marsh

2007-05-06 18:49:52
Melbourne, Florida - Freshwater Fishing Report
Stick Marsh

THE TOPWATER ACTION JUST KEEPS ON HAPPENING! It is a top water bite ALL day long. From the time the sun comes up until the sun goes down. The only top water lure Iíve thrown is a Rattling Chug Bug. And as good as the bite is there has been no reason to fool around with others. I look around the lake at the other boats fishing and low and behold the majority of them are fishing the Rattling Chug Bug. And low and behold they all report catching good numbers of bass.

The bass are in the South end of the Farm. Just look for the boats. They will ALL be on bass. The bass are schooled up. They are not stacked like cord wood they are spread apart. When you get one bite there are more to be caught in the same area without moving the boat. Just make a systematic series of casts around the boat and you will produce.

The hardest part of this fishing is being sure not to set the hook too soon. Some of the bites are so energetic that they scare the angler into making and early hook set. Then some of the bites are sneaky. The bass just sucks in the lure and swims away. These bites are just as easy to miss because the angler does not believe he got bit. The secret is to be calm and constantly watch the lure.

On Saturday I had bites on three backlashes. Threw out the lure. Undoing a backlash when the bass hit. Little note from this. The lure needs to sit still. Keep the lure sitting still. Sure work it. But then stop it. DO NOT TAKE UP THE SLACK! Taking up the slack will ever so slowly move the lure. The bass want it sitting still.

The second hardest part of fishing is keeping the boat off stumps. It can not be done. Just move around slowly. Moving too fast may cause a sudden stop and someone goes in. The other possibility is that the trolling motor hitís a stump and either bends or breaks the shaft. Do not be in a big hurry. Take your time.

This is the top water action of a lifetime. All anglers need to experience this. Come on down. Tell your bassin buddies and send them on down.

John from St. Louis fished with me on Saturday. We caught 25. We missed as many as we caught. We probably missed closer to two times as many as we caught. It is constant and steady action. If you are not getting bit just move the boat a tad. You will get hit.

John and I saw some bass chasing bait. A time or two I moved the boat into position for John to cast at the location where we saw action. No bite. These bass are moving around. If you see the action and are able to cast to it - do so. If you are out of range it just has to be left alone. The time we spent moving we could have stayed where we were and kept on catching.

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Fish Species: Largemouth Bass
Bait Used: Ratt;ling Chug Bug
Tackle Used: Bait Casting and Spinning
Method Used: Chug-A-Bug
Water Depth: 2-3 ft
Water Temperature: 84
Wind Direction: Very little wind
Wind Speed:
John's first bass.
John's first bass.

John and I caught a bunch of bass this size.
John and I caught a bunch of bass this size.

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