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Browse Recent Wheeler Lake Alabama Fishing Reports

Alabama's Wheeler lake for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass this Fall! by Reed Montgomery (10/11/2011)
Anglers can "double up" on Wheeler lake's big largemouth bass and smallmouth bass during the fall and early winter seasons.
Summer Fishing On Wheeler Lake by Reed Montgomery (5/21/2007)
As summer progresses there are many ways to fool the largemouth bass and smallmouth bass that make up this huge, man made impoundment on the Tennessee River System. Many anglers resort to night fishing on Wheeler Lake during the summer period.
Spring on Wheeler Lake by Reed Montgomery (3/18/2007)
Unseasonably warm weather showed Wheeler Lakes prespawn bass preparing beds in mid march. Mid 70 degrees air temperatures triggered bass to move shallow, much earlier than most spring seasons when these bass are usually just coming out of a winter state of mind.
North Alabama's Wheeler Lake Fishing by Reed Montgomery (1/11/2007)
North Alabama's Wheeler Lake is down for winter pool. It will remain low until April. Lake levels fluctuate up and down a foot during winter, with the lake currently down 4 feet. So like any lake that is drawn down during winter, boat navigation is hazardous, especially for first timers to Wheeler Lake, the second largest man made impoundment in Alabama.