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Hot Striper Bite Continues by Ed Crespy (11/21/2009)
Striped Bass continue to whack jigs. However, the Bluefish have gone missing.
Great Fall Fishing by Ed Crespy (11/19/2009)
The North East storm has the fish turned on now.
Slammer Blues by Ed Crespy (11/12/2009)
Jigging and trolling produced large Blues and some sea Bass... even a few keepers.
Todays Striper Report by William Meyer (10/28/2009)
Today's striper report. Eleven caught only one keeper.
Striper Report by William Meyer (10/28/2009)
Striper report from ocean County. Island Beach State Park.
Fishing For Sharks From The Surf In Island Beach by William Meyer (8/12/2009)
Shark from the surf. All were released pending new prohibited species laws.
Andrew Linke 61 in Sandbar Shark by William Meyer (8/09/2009)
Andrew Linke 61 in. sandbar Shark. lester Carrajat w Smooth Dogfish.
It's better than shopping for the holidays by William Meyer (12/15/2008)
Plenty of fish still to be caught. Bass in the surf.
Striper P.M report by William Meyer (11/19/2008)
The Blues went South and so did I. All Stripers no Blues?
Tough conditions today but I found 'em. by William Meyer (11/15/2008)
South Southeast winds with gusts to 30. Ten ounces barely holding.
Schoolie Stripers by William Meyer (11/05/2008)
Banging schoolie Stripers in this Nor'easter. All shorts but its a blast!
Northeast Winds Stirred up the Stripers. by William Meyer (11/02/2008)
It was a better day than yesterday. Didn't have to worry about the crabs stealing bait today.
A PAIR OF STRIPED BASS KEEPERS by William Meyer (10/26/2008)
Got a pair of Striped Bass keepers today. Four shorts were also caught and released.
Birthday Girl's Bluefish by William Meyer (9/21/2008)
Birthday girl's Bluefish. My daughter Kaitlin turned 11 today.
Sandbar Sharks by William Meyer (8/10/2008)
Sharkin on Island Beach State Park. Sharks caught from the surf.
Sharks on Island Beach by William Meyer (8/09/2008)
Sandbar Sharks on Island Beach.They were from 46-54 inches.
Blues are coming out of the bay by William Meyer (4/29/2008)
Blues are coming out of the bay. I was getting them on corn cob Mullet chunks.
Striped Bass by William Meyer (4/20/2008)
The Striper run has started! Keepers were caught as well as Blues and tiderunner Weakfish.
Sunday Footballs! by William Meyer (11/26/2007)
Footballs for Sunday. The wind was bad n so was the moon!
This evenings report by William Meyer (11/17/2007)
Stripers from this evening. The Stripers found the Peanut Bunker.
Massive amounts of Bunker by William Meyer (11/17/2007)
This is a report from this morning. This evening's report to follow.
Striped Bass and a Sundial by William Meyer (11/11/2007)
Striped Bass and a Sundial. The ocean was still rough.
Nasty weather on the Beach ,Still hooked up! by William Meyer (11/10/2007)
Nasty weather on the beach . Still catchin' Stripers.
A nice day on the Beach for shorts , Stripers that is! by William Meyer (11/04/2007)
Early morning I got phone calls from my die hard contacts that the Ocean is fishable after the storm we had.The only major concern was the amount of drivable Beach on the in coming tide.
Picture from yesterdays report by William Meyer (10/31/2007)
Picture from yesterday's report. I sent it but it wasn't posted.
Keper for the giant! by William Meyer (10/30/2007)
Another first Striper ever! Today's client is 6' 4" & 260 pounds. I got him a keeper!
Stripers from yesterday by William Meyer (10/29/2007)
Stripers from yesterday. Some people like to talk about their dad and what he used to do, without pictures, wee, I have proof!
31 in Striper by William Meyer (10/21/2007)
Bass up to 10.25 pounds. Blues up to 5 lbs. I only kept one small Blue.
Ron Kenwood'sTrip Straight South wind all day by William Meyer (10/17/2007)
Straight South wind all day, we didn't have the Bluefish carnage like yesterday. A 29 inch Striper was beached.
Late Report From Yesterday by William Meyer (10/15/2007)
Late report from yesterday.Kaitlins 1st Blue from the surf. Blues and short Fluke all day.
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