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Saginaw River has turned around 180 degrees. by Dan Manyen (11/12/2007)
I know it's only been one short week since my last report. But things can change fast this time of year as eluded to in my previous report. In just one short week, both the water conditions and the success on the Saginaw River has turned around 180 degrees.
Walleye Trolling Fishing by Dan Manyen (8/23/2007)
Wulp, the walleye trolling slow down may be apon us. Starting with that cold front that started a week ago last Thursday, along with the accompanying high winds, seemed to put the walleyes in a real funk.
Gulp Worms Work Best by Dan Manyen (8/09/2007)
The fishing has stayed excellent, even through this brief HOT SPELL. The walleyes for the most part though seem to be keying on certain depths and certain offerings being trolled. I'm still using cranks on one side with Gulp Worms and harnesses on the other with really good success. Targeting two different layers of the water ...
Cranks and Spoons Are Taking Their Fair Share by Dan Manyen (6/24/2007)
Wow, has the fishing been great this year so far or what? Even bad days produce some fish and the sizes have stayed just above that keeper level. Cranks and spoons are taking there fair share, but the harnesses with BB baited with the real deal on them are taking bigger numbers for sure.
Open Water Walleye Bite by Dan Manyen (5/20/2007)
My big boat goes in at Hoyles in a couple of days to make ready for the open water walleye bite. Been hearing lots of good reports coming from every corner of the Bay about any and all offerings that people are throwing at the gator's. Bottom Bouncers with harnesses and cranks of every description are taking fish in 8 to 18 FOW. So this year is starting off and looking a lot like last year so far.
Massive Schools Of Baitfish by Dan Manyen (4/21/2007)
About 45 minutes later as the sun was about half gone on the horizon the middle board on the other side with the #14 Husky Jerk/Tennessee Shad flew out of place.
Ice Conditions On Saginaw Bay Michigan by Dan Manyen (3/14/2007)
I'm still getting a lot of phone calls and E-mails asking me about Bay Ice conditions. In my humble opinion, especially after todays 60 degree temp and stiff SW winds, she done for the season. I went over the Saginaw River Sunday on my way to and from the Tittabawassee, and she's was still iced over...
Air and Water Temps Are Warmer Than Usual by Dan Manyen (2/26/2007)
The air and water temps stayed warmer longer than usual this winter, and the warmer waters didn't get a chance to cool down enough. Then as those surprise sub-zero temps froze the surface layers quickly, these slightly warmer layers pooled up. And those usual spots (us locals know about) that are always thin because of the Bays dynamics...
Busy With Ice Fishing by Dan Manyen (2/19/2007)
Been busy with ice fishing, so I'll make another post while we still have some good ice. And man, what a strange winter we've had up until now. Tee-shirts till January, then polar cap temps till March.
Ice Is Getting Thicker! by Dan Manyen (2/11/2007)
As for the fishing, it's been great. The ice is getting thicker (5 to 7 inches on the river) and the fish are getting bigger for the river guys. And the fish are biting in spurts on the Bay, with ice thicknesses varying.
Spot NE Of Linwood Road by Dan Manyen (2/09/2007)
I want to add this to my last report, because of the recent tragedy we had Wednesday the 7th of February on Saginaw Bay.
Shifting Ice In The Bay by Dan Manyen (2/06/2007)
I've been getting a ton of E-mails asking about the Bay. I have not posted any new reports simply because I have not been out. Firstly because of the shifting ice on the Bay, and lately because of the severely cold temps and wind. Getting old I guess.
May The New Year Bring Big Fish! by Dan Manyen (12/30/2006)
Well, I hope everybody had a great Christmas and that your new year is filled with Big Fish. Personally, I had not been out since the 29th of November and was anxiously awaiting for the rivers to get back down to fishable levels. And finally after 3 weeks and flood stage conditions, they are finally back in shape.
Ice Fishing Equipment Coming Out by Dan Manyen (12/18/2006)
Here we go again. I actually dug out my snow plow blade and ice fishing equipment form the corner of the garage last week. Made sure the 4 wheeler was in running shape. Cleaned everything up and had it ready in anticipation during that week long freeze and winters arrival. Even heard of a few guys getting out on 3 to 4 inches of ice in 4 feet of water off Palmer Rd and near the Pine River. Then (like last year) spring in December returned.
Fishing Tittabawassee River by Dan Manyen (11/19/2006)
After talking to a few of my buddies who deer hunt, I'm glad I gave it up 4 years ago to spend more time on the rivers fishing. And I've confirmed and reinforced that change in strategy in spades this year, with the success I'm having on the rivers during this time. Like I mentioned in other reports, I believe it's the combination of good numbers of natural fish and the surprising abundance of baitfish in the rivers this year.
River Fishery Has Broken Loose! by Dan Manyen (11/08/2006)
The river fishery has finally broken loose. It seemed to start last Saturday the 4th, with the rains tapering off and the river flow rates down, the river had a chance to clear up quite a bit. The river is packed full of 2 to 3 inch shad, but like the last couple of years, catching a limit of keepers seems to be a matter of being in the right sections of the river at the right time.
Hot Ponds For Bass and Tittabawassee River by Dan Manyen (10/16/2006)
I did manage to get into the Hot Ponds one day for some bass, and on the Tittabawassee River one day trying for some early walleyes. Both trips turned out to be both fun and prosperous, with jigs and minnows being the enticement of choice. The pictures of both trips are posted with this report.
Natural Walleye Spawning Success by Dan Manyen (10/05/2006)
Thought I'd update my report with what little fishing news I have, along with news of the recent DNR fall trawl results taken on the Bay a couple of weeks ago. This sampling is preliminary as of right now and won't be fully determined or understood until early next year. But it gives us a fairly good idea at the results of this past springs natural walleye spawning success.
Walleye Are Biting On The Bottom by Dan Manyen (8/26/2006)
I thought we were all going to dodge that "tough bite" bullet this season on the Bay. With everything else that usually spelled a tough bite having little if any effect on the catch rate this year, I just assumed the bite would remain great until it simply stopped dead after our first frost in mid-September.
Saginaw Bay Perch and Walleye Fishing by Dan Manyen (8/14/2006)
Conditions have changed and got a lot tougher this last week. With the first real cold front ushering in heavy N NE winds, making the water cloudy, along with cooler nights dropping surface temps 7 degrees in just a few days, the bite has stalled a bit. The bigger pods of fish I was seeing are smaller now and either near the top or dead on the bottom.
Summer Walleye Fishing on Saginaw Bay by Dan Manyen (8/03/2006)
Welp, seems like Ol'Capt Dan was a little premature about the cooler nights and the cooler water temps on my last report. Because since my last report, both the air and water surface temps have risen considerably. The water surface temps on the inner Bay have went from 70 degrees to 77 degrees in a short 10 days with this recent heat wave.
Summer Walleye Fishing Report On Saginaw Bay by Dan Manyen (7/25/2006)
With July almost gone and the nights actually getting cool again, the prospects for a good August bite are bright. The walleyes never seemed to leave the inner bay at any point this summer.