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05/01/2020 fishing report Georgia


Changing times 05/01/2020 fishing report Georgia

Along this crazy Corona Virus covered planet we are finding some safety and piece on the water and this f05/01/2020 fishing report Georgia discusses just that. Mother ocean and her offerings have over the years brought my clients and I happiness, laughs, and memories that I reflect back on almost on a daily basis.  As people panic emptying store shelves buying everything from zip loc bags and toilet paper to steaks and bread I have taken to doing what some would think strange, eating more fish.  Now you probably just read that last sentence again and thought why is eating more fish strange? Those who know me know I’m all about adventure and the bend of a rod, not the bounty at the end of it.  But, in these interesting times when our grocery order show up lacking most of the essential items such as meats, eggs, and milk I have been bringing home a few fresh fish for the dinner table.  Oh how the world will never be the same.

Dooms Day 05/01/2020 fishing report Georgia

Most people were restricted from traveling and as you can imagine canceled all forms of vacation and travel.  Winter being our slow or “off” season this could not have happened at a worse time for the fishing/guiding industry.  Our season starts in March slowing down in August and by February our bank accounts resemble the toilet paper isle at your favorite grocery store.  Not all was lost or bad though because when in tough times the good come out and I think as a guide I have some of the best clients/friends in the world.  After suffering the loss of tens of thousands of dollars in cancelled fishing charters and refunding thousands in deposits I was thinking wow this got real very fast. As the news was filled with Government promised help and social media feeds loaded with loads of people promising help nothing happened.


What I have learned during these troubling times is Captain Rob and I have some amazing clients/friends! It started when I got a call from a client I have fished with for about 10 years.  He only hires me 2 days a year but he has become a good friend and loyal client.  He called and said “I know this has got to be crippling your business. Let me send you a check for the days”. I told him this wasn’t his fault and it was unforeseen to all of us and that he shouldn’t have to pay.  The next morning he called and said it was eating at him and he wanted to come fish but needed to figure out the logistics.  He is a farmer lives out in the country and planned to tow his motor home down and fish.  Those 2 days he normally fishes a year turned into 6.

Another client who is local has booked 10 trips spread out over 6 weeks to help out and a friend/client who had a tragedy and lost everything has booked several days with another client to help out.  It blows my mind sometimes at how good people can be to each other and it too gives me hope and has encouraged me to help some others who were affected as well.  We all share this planet and we all should work towards a greater planet but were know that isn’t going to happen so, BUY American, Shop local, and support the United States of America!!

Now on to the good stuff

Fishing!! Triple Tail have been on fire and we have caught some big girls this year.  I had one of my best days with a local couple last week when we caught 5 fish over 12 pounds!  I have had several fish in the upper teens and a couple in the low 20’s.  It’s been a good year for triple tail to say the least.

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