Fishing Reports by Captain Scott Owens

About The Author: Captain

Company: Fly Fish Georgia

Area Reporting: St. Simons Island - Georgia

Bio: Having grown up in Florida sight fishing Capt. Scott Owens moved to Georgia over 15 years ago and brought his love for shallow water fishing with him. Fishing has been a passion of Capt. Scott's since he waded the Biscayne Bay Flats with his dad as a small child. His love for the sport, as well as his respect for the estuary he fishes, grows each day spent on the water. "Clients ask me how I can still get 'the shakes' while poling up to a school of tailing redfish," " I love what I do, and take pride in being good at it. It's just awesome"

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05/01/2020 fishing report Georgia (5/07/2020)
[St. Simons Island,GA] A fishing report for spring and early summer in Coastal Georgia. Inshore, nearshore, and offshore. Go check it out.
New D.O.A. 2.75 shrimp! Southeastern Angling (2/22/2020)
[St. Simons Island,GA] An in-depth look from Capt. Scott into new D.O.A. 2.75 inch Shrimp and different ways to rig it.
February 2020 Coastal Georgia Fishing Report (2/16/2020)
[St. Simons Island,GA] February 2020 update for inshore and Near Shore fishing with Captain Scott Owens and Southeastern Angling
2019 Winter fishing report St. Simons Island-Jekyll Island-Sea Island Georgia (2/05/2020)
[St. Simons Island,GA] 2019 Winter fishing report St. Simons Island-Jekyll Island-Sea Island Georgia with Southeastern Angling's Captain Scott Owens
Red Fish - Blue Skies in Georgia (2/11/2009)
[St. Simons Island,GA] Red fish, black drum, and blue skies that is. Steve Cone generally spends his days fishing with his two sons Steven Jr. and James Allen. He gives advice to the boys while taking pictures and video all from the back of the skiff.
Georgia Tarpon in December (2/11/2009)
[Florida Keys,FL] Headed down and met Rob and his family for a few days of fishing before Christmas. We were in Islamorada fishing out of Lower Metacumbe Key where a friend of ours owns a house.
Huge Redfish in Georgi (2/11/2009)
[St. Simons Island,GA] t was Friday morning at 6:30am when I pushed the Hells Bay off the trailer and met Jo and Loyd. It was a still and quiet morning. The sky was black as we headed out the creek where we met toward the ocean side flat I had chosen to fish that day.
Georgia Offshore Report (2/11/2009)
[Cumberland Island,GA] Headed offshore yesterday with Rob about 30 miles to G and fished the wrecks. Lots of bait on the wrecks maybe even to much.
Georgia Fishing is still Hot! (2/11/2009)
[Jekyll Island,GA] Fishing inshore and near shore is still on fire.
Georgia Fishing Report for January (2/08/2009)
[St. Simons Island,GA] Fishing has been awesome the past 2 weeks. The wind has been light and the sun bright. We have been getting into large schools of redfish at low tide in less than 10 inches of water with great success.
Georgia Fishing - January 20th (1/20/2009)
[Jekyll Island,GA] he water is so clear I feel like I'm in the Bahama's!! Guiding the last several weeks has been a very special treat for me and my clients. Sunny skies, crystal clear water, light winds, and happy fish have made for some of the best sight fishing I have seen. As we poled toward a school of tailing fish Ben cast at a single fish ahead of the school.
Late December Georgia Report (1/01/2009)
[St. Simons Island,GA] Late December was a great time to be on the water. Mild temps, sunny skies, light winds and great fishing made for some big smiles. Keith Calhoun was one of the anglers who took advantage and ended up catching 11 nice redfish on fly in just a little over an hour.
Whats been going on! (12/12/2008)
[St. Simons Island,GA] Fishing has been great! Trout, Redfish, Sea Bass, Snapper, Grouper, is just been an awesome fall and winter.
Schools In!!!!! (1/12/2007)
[St. Simons Island,GA] Huge Schools of redfish are everywhere its time. Today 1-12-07 was 70 degree's and winds were not to bad, maybe 10kts out of the east north east. The tide was very small so the and with not much wind the water was really clear. We left the dock at about 6:45am and arrived at a small flat at about 7:45am. I started to pole and Jim started to blind cast in front of the boat.
Stripers In Town For The Winter (12/05/2006)
[St. Simons Island,GA] man its cold out but the fish are feeding and just as cold as we are!!
Redfish and Trout In The Backwater and Bays (12/05/2006)
[St. Simons Island,GA] 67 redfish and a 6.5 pound trout in 2 days of raising money. Well durring the Savannah Red/Trout Cystic Fibrosis tournament my anglers Tim Dare and Jeff Falcetta managed to catch over 60 redfish one of which was 32.5 inches and won Tim the largest redfish award and a trout that went 26.5 inches (6.5lb) to also win him the largest trout award.
Summer's Hot (8/20/2006)
[St. Simons Island,GA] The Summer time bite is on fire and its just getting better into fall.
Redfish and More In Georgia (8/08/2006)
[St. Simons Island,GA] Fishing has been booming along the Georgia coast