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2019 Winter fishing report St. Simons Island-Jekyll Island-Sea Island Georgia

Winter is here and a lot is going on in the inshore and nearshore waters off Coastal Georgia! The inshore water clarity is excellent for sight fishing schools of redfish on the flats.  Schools if redfish roam the shallow flats and creeks in search of crustaceans and small minnows.  This makes them excellent targets for fly and light tackle anglers.

Trout will move upriver and into deeper creek bends where when you find one you find them all. fish with adjustable float rigs and bounce a live shrimp along the bottom or if you are fishing artificial's slow down your retrieve and you can expect more bites. You can also expect black drum and an occasional flounder as bycatch. Our favorite winter time artificial is the 2.75 inch D.O.A. shrimp fished slow and found HERE.

2019 Fishing Report St. Simons Island Georgia 2019 Fishing Report St. Simons Island Georgia

2019 Fishing Report St. Simons Island Georgia

Near Shore wreck and reef fishing charters

2019 Winter fishing report. Near-shore is where a lot of the action is during the winter months.  Black Sea Bass, Bluefish, Weakfish, Bull Reds, Sand Tiger Sharks, and more congregate around near shore wrecks where food becomes abundant during the cooler months.  Black Sea Bass are great table fare and the big reds can go 40lb.  Lure of Choice for near shore are 2-3oz diamond jigs.  You can find them Here

offshore 2019 Fishing Report St. Simons Island Georgia nearshore 2019 Fishing Report St. Simons Island Georgia

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Fish Species: Redfish, trout
Bait Used: Artificial and live shrimp
Tackle Used: spinning
Method Used:
Water Depth: -10 feet
Water Temperature: 62
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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Scott Owens

About The Author: Captain Scott Owens

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Area Reporting: St. Simons Island - Georgia

Bio: Having grown up in Florida sight fishing Capt. Scott Owens moved to Georgia over 15 years ago and brought his love for shallow water fishing with him. Fishing has been a passion of Capt. Scott's since he waded the Biscayne Bay Flats with his dad as a small child. His love for the sport, as well as his respect for the estuary he fishes, grows each day spent on the water. "Clients ask me how I can still get 'the shakes' while poling up to a school of tailing redfish," " I love what I do, and take pride in being good at it. It's just awesome"

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