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Browse Recent St. Simons Island Georgia Fishing Reports

05/01/2020 fishing report Georgia by Scott Owens (5/07/2020)
A fishing report for spring and early summer in Coastal Georgia. Inshore, nearshore, and offshore. Go check it out.
New D.O.A. 2.75 shrimp! Southeastern Angling by Scott Owens (2/22/2020)
An in-depth look from Capt. Scott into new D.O.A. 2.75 inch Shrimp and different ways to rig it.
February 2020 Coastal Georgia Fishing Report by Scott Owens (2/16/2020)
February 2020 update for inshore and Near Shore fishing with Captain Scott Owens and Southeastern Angling
2019 Winter fishing report St. Simons Island-Jekyll Island-Sea Island Georgia by Scott Owens (2/05/2020)
2019 Winter fishing report St. Simons Island-Jekyll Island-Sea Island Georgia with Southeastern Angling's Captain Scott Owens
Fall bite in the Golden Isles by Jeff Stokes (11/02/2012)
Fall bite is in full swing. The trout and reds are getting fat for the winter and eating like crazy.
Fishing St Simons Island by Jeff Stokes (8/30/2012)
Its been a great summer for trout and reds I cant wait for the fall bite.
Mixed bag of fish in the Golden Isles by Jeff Stokes (3/15/2012)
Great spring morning with perfect weather brought a nice mixed bag of fish.
Spring Trout Bite by Jeff Stokes (3/13/2012)
The sping trout bite is pretty strong and the years new offspring have arrived.
IT'S TROLLING TIME IN SOUTH GEORGIA by Vernon Reynolds (12/06/2010)
Winter means inshore trolling for Redfish and Trout in south Georgia.
11-25-10 JEKYLL & ST. SIMONS ISLANDS FISHING REPORT by Vernon Reynolds (11/22/2010)
Trout and Reds are schooling and feeding heavily preparing for the winter.
TROUT AND REDS ON THE GEORGIA COAST by Vernon Reynolds (10/17/2010)
Trout and Reds are schooling up and feeding heavily in preparation for the winter migration up river.
2010 Nearshore GA Saltwater Fishing Re-Cap/Report by Richie Lott (9/28/2010)
What a great summer season on the GA coast!
Fishing the COASTAL GEORGIA HEAT!! PAY OFF TIME! by Richie Lott (8/22/2010)
Let the good times roll....! The bite is on and will continue to get better and better here on the GA Coast.
Fishing St Simons in July by Jeff Stokes (7/25/2010)
July has proven to be a good month for fishing with big numbers of trout and reds.
FISHING IS GOOD IN THE GOLDEN ISLES by Vernon Reynolds (7/06/2010)
Inshore, near shore and offshore fishing is great in South Georgia.
Georgia Coastal Saltwater Fishing Exceeds Expectations by Richie Lott (6/30/2010)
Georgia Coastal Fishing has been better than expected this season... The under-rated BUTTERFLY JIG has once again prevailed!
Summertime Trout Fishing by Jeff Stokes (6/25/2010)
The summertime trout bite is in full swing with lots of action packed fishing trips.
Georgia Inshore, Nearshore & Offshore Fishing - June 2010 by Richie Lott (6/14/2010)
Great year shaping up in Summer 2010! This may be one of the best seasons yet for BIG FISH...
Inshore fishing St. Simons by Jeff Stokes (5/13/2010)
Great weather makes for a great day of fishing.
Spring Brings good Fishing to the Georgia Coast by Richie Lott (5/10/2010)
After a long Winter, we can now reap the benefits of a much deserved spring!
Redfishing St Simons by Jeff Stokes (4/04/2010)
Nice weather and warmer waters brings a good redfish bite.
Coastal Georgia Offshore - Spring Time Sheepshead on the Reefs by Richie Lott (3/13/2010)
It's more fun than you think.... Reef Bandits stack up on Georgia's offshore reefs in spring.
A much needed break in the weather !!! by Jeff Stokes (3/09/2010)
Glad to be back on the water. Rising water and air temps on the way bring on the fishing.
Red Snapper Alternative on GA Coast - Light Tackle Sea Bass by Richie Lott (2/22/2010)
Don't let the Red Snapper Closure stop you from enjoying bottom fishing, especially in the Sea Bass Capital of the east coast....Georgia... Thats right, the Georgia Offshore Reef System will surprise you....
Georgia Coastal Waters - Redfish how and why by Richie Lott (2/12/2010)
Georgia is tough fishing sometimes... Master it and reap great rewards!
Georgia Redfish - The Season in Review by Richie Lott (12/24/2009)
Georgia Redfishing is as good as it gets. This year was tough, but we scared up plenty... here is how we did it.
Fall trout bite by Jeff Stokes (12/21/2009)
A much needed break in the weather made for a great day.
An amazing day on the water !! by Jeff Stokes (10/25/2009)
Great weather and gorgeous water made for a perfect day.
Fall Trout Bite by Jeff Stokes (9/30/2009)
Falling temperatures and gorgeous waters are making for a good week.
Bull Redfish - COASTAL GEORGIA by Richie Lott (9/28/2009)
The Bull Reds make their annual appearance
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