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Puerto Vallarta Fishing by PuertoVallart Fishing (2/06/2020)
Puerto Vallarta fishing charters for over 34 years at the best prices.
Big Leach Little Beaver by Carlyle Telford (7/16/2007)
I used the biggest ugliest Leach pattern I own.
The Way It's Supposed To Be by Carlyle Telford (7/16/2007)
Today I used a Damsel Fly pattern. My arm got tired from the 18-20 inch fish. I lost count of the fish. Finally this is what fishing should be.
Diamond Lake by Carlyle Telford (7/08/2007)
I put an irresistible on my line and caught several Silver Salmon
What Works Doesn't Work by Carlyle Telford (6/23/2007)
The Leach pattern that worked yesterday has quit today
Finicky Fish by Carlyle Telford (6/19/2007)
The fish are poking fun at me today.
Quick Action by Carlyle Telford (6/18/2007)
In just two hours of fishing I caught about twenty fish about 10 to 12 inches long. As I have become spoiled in recent years these small fish were not satisfying.
Fishing not Catching by Carlyle Telford (6/15/2007)
Today four of us fished for these illusive beauties. At the start the fish were not even lumping.
Search for bigger fish. by Carlyle Telford (6/10/2007)
According to Fish and Game "24 inch fish are common". My best luck here was with a big black leach pattern.
Things Change by Carlyle Telford (6/08/2007)
I returned with my black Dragonfly to find a lack of interest.
Hooping N a Poping by Carlyle Telford (6/07/2007)
Nice Rainbows jumping every where. The wind was fickle and change directions.
Big Fish by Carlyle Telford (6/07/2007)
I returned the next day (see hooping N a popping) I had to try the black dragonflies. After a visit to the local fly shop I found something that might work.