Fishing Reports by Captain Carlyle Telford

About The Author: Captain

Company: Float Experience

Area Reporting: South Central Alaska

Bio: I have been fly fishing for over 40 years. I'm always trying new things and some of them work well. I pass this information on to my customers.

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Boot Lake (7/16/2007)
[Wasilla,AK] These fish are hungry. I was expecting fish around 20 inches.
Long Lake (7/16/2007)
[Wasilla,AK] This just amazes me. Just 3 days ago we were catching fish and today nothing. In fact the fish are not even jumping.
Big Leach Little Beaver (7/16/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] I used the biggest ugliest Leach pattern I own.
The Way It's Supposed To Be (7/16/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] Today I used a Damsel Fly pattern. My arm got tired from the 18-20 inch fish. I lost count of the fish. Finally this is what fishing should be.
Winter Kill? (7/16/2007)
[Southcentral Alaska,AK] I fished this lake for 4 hours. I know that fish and game planted a thousand six inch fish in the lake. The only fish I saw were the six inch fish. I know that other lakes in the area winterkilled this year. My best guess is that Bruce Lake is a another.
Boot Lake (7/12/2007)
[Southcentral Alaska,AK] I've had a tough year after the winterkill of my best lakes. This lake is proving to be a great consistent fishery
Crooked Lake (7/11/2007)
[Southcentral Alaska,AK] Just when I thought fishing was getting better. I tried this lake.
Boot (7/09/2007)
[Wasilla,AK] The fishing was excellent again. This lake is consistent.
Diamond Lake (7/08/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] I put an irresistible on my line and caught several Silver Salmon
Long Lake (7/01/2007)
[Wasilla,AK] The fishing was good. Nice fish were jumping.
What Works Doesn't Work (6/23/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] The Leach pattern that worked yesterday has quit today
Finicky Fish (6/19/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] The fish are poking fun at me today.
Quick Action (6/18/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] In just two hours of fishing I caught about twenty fish about 10 to 12 inches long. As I have become spoiled in recent years these small fish were not satisfying.
First Good Fishing (6/16/2007)
[Wasilla,AK] One of the first things I learned about fishing was that fish look for the most food with the least amount of effort.
Fishing not Catching (6/15/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] Today four of us fished for these illusive beauties. At the start the fish were not even lumping.
Search for bigger fish. (6/10/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] According to Fish and Game "24 inch fish are common". My best luck here was with a big black leach pattern.
Things Change (6/08/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] I returned with my black Dragonfly to find a lack of interest.
Hooping N a Poping (6/07/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] Nice Rainbows jumping every where. The wind was fickle and change directions.
Big Fish (6/07/2007)
[Big Lake,AK] I returned the next day (see hooping N a popping) I had to try the black dragonflies. After a visit to the local fly shop I found something that might work.
Ah Fish (6/06/2007)
[Southcentral Alaska,AK] We fished our way to the outlet of the lake. On the way there we caught land lock silvers. When we reached the outlet We caught several Large rainbows in Spawning colors.
No Fish (5/28/2007)
[Wasilla,AK] I think something has killed the fish. Maybe The lack of oxygen from the winter.
Still too early. (5/14/2007)
[Lake Lucille,AK] Fishing was tough because the vegetation from last year is decaying and floating. When you retrieve every cast the fly comes back with crud on it. In spite of this I caught a fish about 18 inches long on a leach.
I can't wait. (3/16/2007)
[Wasilla,AK] The ice is still about 18 inches thick. I'm waiting for the days of sunshine and float tubs but the fish are still their.