Hello to all,

I’ve recently discovered what they call the mullet run.  Being  from the Pacific Northwest specifically Oregon, I have not done a lot of fishing down in South Florida. I have been fortunate enough to have fished boat tilting Sturgeon in the Fraser River in Canada, all around Puget Sound, orcas Island, and around the Oregon coast. I’ve mainly fished for all kinds of trout, bass, steel head,Salmon and Musky.  

Well down at the beach I observed the water literally moving, with more people fishing than usual. I sat on the beach at sunset, watching everyone fish and started asking a lot of questions. I became a bit obsessed with  the Mullet Run, And begin doing a lot of research online and on YouTube.  Knowing I was going to be going for large fish specifically Tarpon, I headed to Dick’s, and was lucky enough to have a very knowledgeable person outline exactly what I needed.  

I bought a Daiwa BG 701m with 30 lb braided I believe it is.   I headed right back to my place at the beach, with one full round in, nothing. The next time we came out, it was a different story. I remember all of my research leading me to wanting to find a large mullet that was severely wounded but NOT dead.  I also was seeing many Tarpon very close in with their large Sides reflecting like mirrors in the sunset.  I

put on I would say a  nice round 10 inch nearly dead Mullet,  and on my third cast hooked up with this beauty. About 30 to 40 minutes later we landed this beautiful Tarpon. I was grateful to just happen to have Reel Reports nearby for the assist. They were a great help, it was absolutely unreal!!

Happy Fishing, 

Mac Brookman



Fish Species: Snook, Tarpon
Bait Used: 10 inch mullet
Tackle Used: Daiwa bg 701m. 30 lb braid
Method Used: Shore cast
Water Depth: 4-10feet
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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