Fishing Reports by Captain Bob Hesse

About The Author: Captain

Company: Rod Bender Charters

Area Reporting: Lake Erie Western Basin

Bio: I have fished Lake Erie since the 50s and started running charters for walleye, perch and smallmouth bass when I formed Rod Bender Charters in 1999. Come join me, Captain Bob Hesse, aboard Rod Bender for an absolutely awesome angling adventure charter fishing for walleye on Lake Erie, the world's premier walleye lake. We are a AAA charter service that specializes in drift fishing, but we will blade, jig, drift or troll, whatever the lake conditions dictate. Call us for a walleye, perch, smallmouth bass charter experience of a lifetime on the walleye capital of the world -- Lake Erie.

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Walleye Bite Heats Up (5/31/2010)
[Lake Erie,OH] The walleye bite in Lake Erie's Western Basin is getting better and better.
Fish still there (7/05/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] Walleyes are still present in good numbers in Ohio's Western Basin but limits require more work!
Don't Forget the Smallies (6/27/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] The walleye bite on Lake Erie is great, but when you want some different action don't forget that Lake Erie is also a premier smallmouth bass fishery.
Don't overlook Speed! (6/27/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] Sometimes when the Mayfly hatch is on and the fish get stuff you have to go at them fast!
Hatch slows fishing (6/26/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] Erie walleye fishing slows but they're still there!
Hot summer, hot bite! (6/20/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] The hot walleye bite continues this week in Ohio's Western Basin - the Walleye Capital of the World!
It's gonna be a HOT summer! (6/18/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] The great walleye bite is continuing in the Western Basin of Lake Erie even as the air and water temperatures climb.
This is the year! (6/13/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] Anyone who loves to fish for walleye or in Lake Erie has to make this an absolute location this year.
Weather has changed but not the bite (6/05/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] Unstable weather hit the Ohio Western Basin area of Lake Erie Tuesday but the walleye bite continued.
Bite is Still HOT! (5/31/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] If you plan to fish the Western Basin of Lake Erie or you just want in on the hottest walleye action on the planet, now is the time!!
Still taking limits (5/26/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] Both trollers and drifters are still taking limits of walleye in the Western Basin of Lake Erie. Now is a great time to be on the water!
Hot bite stays HOT! (5/23/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] Stable weather across Ohio's Western Basin is keeping a hot bite hot!
Winds whip up walleyes! (5/20/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] Moderately high winds over the weekend whipped up a hot walleye bite near West Sister Island in Ohio's red hot Western Basin.
Lake Erie Walleye Bite Still Good (5/14/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] The weekend walleye bite in the Ohio waters of Lake Erie was a mixed bag as high winds kept some fishermen off the water and scattered the fish.
Can't beat the weather (5/07/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] High winds and muddy water hurt the bite in Ohio's Lake Erie Western Basin over the weekend, but the fish are still in the area and stable weather is all that is needed.
Get in on the walleye action now! (5/02/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] The Lake Erie walleye bite is hot and the fish are holding near shore in the Ohio reef area. Shallow water fish and jigs are making for fast action and easy limits.
Reef bite is still hot and heavy (4/30/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] The walleye spawn bite in around the reef complex in Ohio's Lake Erie Western Basin is still very hot.
Fishing should pick up for weekend (4/26/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] Fishing slowed today and was a bit tough in the Ohio reef complex in Lake Erie"s Wetern Basin today, but hte weekend outlook is good.
Reef bite is peaking (4/26/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] The walleye spawn bite on the Ohio reef complex in the western basin of Lake Erie is at its peak and the fishing is phonomenial!
Walleye limits (4/19/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] The Western Basin reef complex is producing limit catches of walleyes and it is just going to get better and better!
Reef bite is good between storms (4/12/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] The Lake Erie pre-spawn and spawn bite is getting hotter and hotter.
Fishing tough (4/03/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] A riled up Lake Erie slow fishing Sunday with rough conditions and stained water.
Spring bite begins (3/26/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] You've got to dodge a few ice chunks, but the pre-spawn walleyes are beginning to cooperate.
Lake Erie HOT to go (3/16/2007)
[Lake Erie,OH] The Lake Erie red hot reef bite is about to sizzle.