Fishing Reports by Captain Gerald Arch

About The Author:

Company: First Nation Guide Service

Area Reporting: Lake Of The Wood's / Crow Lake

Bio: Lived all my life in the area. guides since I was thirteen, learned from native guides originally and branched off on my own in time. Still learning this emence lake. I don't know were every rock and log is. Changing climate has inspired me to adapt.

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Crow Lake Bass & Lake Trout (6/30/2007)
[Crow Lake,ON] Fishing smallies and a short update on lake trout activities.
bass pre-spawn (6/15/2007)
[Crow Lake,ON] Bass fishing Crow Lake, Nestor Falls, N.W Ontario, Canada
Recent activity on Lake Of The Woods (6/05/2007)
[Lake Of The Woods,ON] The last few days fishing on Lake Of The Woods.
Crappie Pre Spawn (5/23/2007)
[Lake Of The Woods,ON] Fishing crappie in the spring before they go shallow to spawn.
Early Season Smallies (5/14/2007)
[Crow Lake,ON] The smallmouth can be found more predictably when they come to the shallows to spawn. Excellent catch & release action on Crow Lake, NW Ontario, Canada.
Opener Fishing On Lake Of The Woods (3/24/2007)
[Lake Of The Woods,ON] Were are the fish on opener? Trolling and jigging methods.
Lake trout fishing on Crow lake (3/22/2007)
[Crow Lake,ON] Fishing for Lake Trout before the ice is out.